Structural steel beams and columns from BlueScope Distribution

BlueScope Distribution supplies a wide range of steel products, services and solutions to businesses across Australia. We are proud to provide structural steel beams and columns to customers working in the residential and commercial building, civil construction, mining, and general manufacturing industries.

The structural steel we provide is of high quality, without compromising on value or efficiency. Our quality structural steel beam, columns, channels and angle products are backed by value-add processing services carried out across our network our branches, as well as operational support such as supply chain and project management. 

BlueScope Distribution strives to offer a genuine one-stop solution for all steel needs, incorporating our product supply, processing, and solutions service offerings into one streamlined operation for our customers to take advantage of.

Talk to our friendly team today to discuss the ways BlueScope Distribution can best help your business meet all of its structural steel needs.


Universal steel beams and columns

Universal beams and columns are used for many types of construction and are designed to provide structural support. They have an I or H shape and are available in a range of sizes with a variety of section and flange depths as well as different thicknesses and radii. Typical uses for Universal steel beams and columns include residential building, civil construction, non-residential building, mining, and general manufacturing applications. 

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Welded steel beams and columns

Welded beams and columns manufactured by BlueScope are used in a range of heavy engineering applications. Our BlueScope Distribution team can supply welded beams and columns for a variety of projects in the engineering construction, building, mining infrastructure, or transport sectors. Structural applications for our welded beams and columns often include office buildings, shopping centres, stadiums, car parks, and bridges.

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BlueScope Distribution supplies a range of structural channels to meet a range of engineering and construction needs across all sectors. Channels are typically used in residential building, civil construction, non-residential building, mining, and general manufacturing applications.

Structural angles

BlueScope Distribution offers a range of structural angles, available in both equal and unequal configurations. Structural angles are typically used in residential building, civil construction, non-residential building, mining, and general manufacturing applications.


Through our network, our team  can offer plasma cut beamline processing services including square cut and mitre cutting, notches, bolt holes, merchant bar profiling, and more. In addition, we can provide cut-to-length processing, which allows our customers to utilise steel beams of a range of lengths outside of the standardised offerings as required.

Through offering these processing services, we empower our customers to realise increased efficiencies in their own businesses. By allowing access to structural steel products of specifications that meet the needs of each project, our clients can receive delivery of their structural steel products in a timely fashion and deploy these materials immediately.

To learn more about our range of steel processing services, please visit our processing page.


We are familiar with the variety of challenges that can be faced by the businesses we serve, and for this reason we strive not just to provide reliable supply and processing solutions, but also tailored logistical support services that enable our customers to truly get the most out of their structural steel supply chain. 

In order to fully leverage the capacities that we offer, speak to our friendly staff in any of our branches across regional and metropolitan Australia, or contact us online. We are always ready and willing to discuss how our fully integrated steel solutions can help to improve outcomes for your business, and for all stakeholders across the steel product value chain.

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