Metalcorp products from BlueScope Distribution

Our team at BlueScope Distribution can support you with all your steel and aluminium on-farm needs. We supply the range of Metalcorp manufactured livestock handling products and solutions including cattle yards, sheep yards, horse yards, races, crushes, baulk gates, manway gates, manway panels, race bows, force yards, panels, slide gates, gate-in-frames, walkways, ramps, grids, headbails, grain feeders and tombstone feeders.

We source the quality product range of Metalcorp stock handling equipment including HobbyMaster®, Classic Plus®, CattleMaster®, CattleKing®, StockMaster®, StudMaster®, SheepMaster®, SheepKing®, HorseKing® and GoatMaster®.

As well as livestock handling and yarding solutions, we supply a range of fencing products from Metalcorp, including barb wire, plain wire, posts, and vertical brace gates.

The BlueScope Distribution Difference

BlueScope Distribution offers a convenient single source for our farming and agriculture-focused customers to acquire the necessary steel and aluminium products to meet their requirements. In addition to the Metalcorp range, our extensive product range includes steel plate, beams, columns, tubes, sheets, coils, as well as aluminium.

If you’re a farmer looking to upgrade or enhance your on-farm equipment and fencing, BlueScope Distribution has branches right across Australia ready to help. We offer a diverse selection of products tailored to meet your needs.  All of our sites provide onsite steel cut to measure as well as more extensive steel and aluminium processing as required.  Whether it’s livestock handling or DIY farm improvements, our offerings encompass comprehensive livestock handling systems, a variety of accessories, and an extensive range of tubes ideal for DIY fencing projects.


Metalcorp product range

Livestock Handling

BlueScope Distribution can provide you with a range of yard and handling equipment for cattle, sheep, goat and horses from the Metalcorp range.

In today’s environment, it is of utmost importance to minimise stress and prioritise safety when handling livestock. These factors should be considered when choosing livestock handling equipment.

The Metalcorp range of cattle handling equipment has been designed to enhance efficiency and promote safety throughout the livestock handling process, facilitating the natural movement of cattle. This results in contented livestock and increased livestock management.

With a comprehensive range of livestock handling products, Metalcorp is an industry-leading provider for farms across Australia.

Cattle Handling

  • Crushes/Headbail – Including the cattle crushes and headbails from the HobbyMaster®, Classic Plus® and CattleMaster® ranges plus baulk gates
  • Ramps – Including ramps components from the StudMaster® and CattleKing® range
  • Forcing Yards – Including the CattleMaster® and CattleKing® range
  • Panels – Including the StudMaster®, StockMaster®, CattleMaster® and CattleKing® range
  • Gates In Frames – Including Cattle Gate In Frames and yard pins
  • Manway Panels – Including Cattle Manway Panels and yard pins
  • Manway Gates – Including Cattle Manway Gates and yard pins
  • Slide Gates – Including Cattle Slide Gates and yard pins
  • Bows – Including Cattle Race Bows & Force Yard Bows

Sheep Handling Equipment

  • Drafts – Including drafting races from the SheepKing® range
  • Ramps – Including ramp components from the SheepMaster® and SheepKing® range
  • Panels – Including panels the SheepMaster and SheepKing® range
  • Gates In Frames – Including Sheep gate in frame and yard pins
  • Manway Panels – Including Manway panels from the SheepKing® range
  • Race Gate – Including race gates from the SheepMaster®
  • Slide Gates – Including slide gates from the SheepKing® range
  • Bows – Including sheep race bows and yard pins

Goat Equipment

  • Panels – Including the panels from the GoatMaster® range and yard pins

Horse Equipment

  • Panels – Including panels from the HorseKing® range and yard pins
  • Gates In Frames – Including yard pins


Access a range of livestock feeders available in the Metalcorp range from BlueScope Distribution


A range of livestock handling accessories including Yard Pins and Cattle Crush Floor.


Our team can provide you with a range of plain and barb wire, farm gates and accessories from the Metalcorp range.

The Metalcorp range of steel farm fencing is highly durable, easy to maintain, and visually appealing. The steel used in this fencing provides strength, resilience, and weather resistance, ensuring the fence maintains its integrity even in extreme conditions.

Metalcorp fencing can be configured to suit any landscape, accommodating complex layouts. It requires minimal maintenance, as it is rust and corrosion-resistant, termite-resistant, and performs well in bushfires.


Access the range of Metalcorp farm gates in a variety of sizes through your local BlueScope Distribution branch.


BlueScope Distribution can provide you access to a range of fencing wire, barb wire, steel pickets and related accessories.


A variety of farm fencing accessories to help you complete your project including fence caps, fasteners and tools.

About Metalcorp

‘Your rural brand for the land’, Metalcorp is an Australian steel distribution company that manufactures a wide range of steel products. The diverse range includes livestock handling equipment, building materials, structural and tubular steel, fencing, roofing, and aluminium, among others.

The brand is dedicated to serving the rural community and has a strong history of innovation, providing durable steel products tailored to the needs of Australian farmers. As supporters of the Australian made campaign, Metalcorp predominantly uses Australian made Orrcon Steel, known for its quality.

BlueScope Distribution across the farming and agricultural sector

BlueScope Distribution is a well-established Australian company providing steel and aluminium products for rural applications. With a strong presence in the agricultural sector, we offer a diverse range of high-quality steel products such as steel fencing, roofing, rural and farm supplies, and structural steel through our nationwide network of branches and distribution centres.

We are a trusted partner for various businesses across the agriculture and farming sector, and pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, customer service, and innovation.

Our clients can conveniently source both steel and aluminium from a single, easily accessible point of contact.

If you are a farmer looking to enhance your on-farm equipment, your local BlueScope Distribution team can provide a wide range of products tailored to livestock handling and DIY farm improvements. This encompasses comprehensive livestock handling systems, associated accessories, and an extensive selection of farm fencing solutions.

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Metalcorp frequently asked questions:

When planning your yard and handling cattle, the following should be considered:

  • Your preferred side for working with cattle (typically, right-handers tend to favour the near side, which is the left side for most situations).
  • The side on which calves are marked with brands (most plans will modify these initial two aspects as a mirror image).
  • The convenience of applying electronic ear tags, which necessitates unobstructed access to the off-side of the head bail.
  • Cattle exhibit a greater willingness to follow a curved path compared to a straight line.
  • Sharp turns exceeding 90° impede cattle movement and increase the risk of bruising.
  • When cattle need to be moved past other cattle in an adjacent yard, ensure the presence of a fence that offers a visual barrier.
  • Cattle tend to become disoriented and anxious when they cannot see or aren’t granted sufficient time to discern their intended direction.
  • Cattle often refuse to pass through a gateway if the path leads them back toward the entrance gate.
  • Using visual barrier fences typically results in more efficient cattle movement and fewer attempts to break out, as long as these fences do not obstruct the view of the intended destination for the cattle.
  • Cattle perform better on a gradual uphill slope, so avoid steep downhill slopes.
  • Cattle are more likely to enter a deep yard, drawing them in. • The angles at which gates are approached should be 90° or less. • Cattle possess a 360° panoramic field of vision with limited depth perception, particularly in the narrow visual field of 25° to 50° in front where they have depth perception. Whenever possible, position yourself at an angle of 45° to 60° behind the shoulder of the animal you intend to lead.

There are multiple factors to take into account when considering workplace health and safety in cattle yard designs, including:

  • Ensuring the safety of workers, family members, and visitors.
  • Providing a defence against potential common law litigation.
  • Complying with legislative requirements.
  • Enhancing work efficiency.
  • Reducing animal stress. This is a significant contributor to worker injuries and can negatively impact carcass quality. Implementing certain design and construction practices can help minimise the risk of worker injuries:
    • Use materials that are strong and durable.
    • Include easily accessible escape routes for operators, such as man ways, foot holes, and open rail constructions.
    • Allocate sufficient space to prevent overcrowding of cattle.
    • Plan yards to ensure animals have a clear path in the required direction.
    • Avoid the presence of sharp or protruding objects in the yards.
    • Consider potential injuries from veterinary crush levers and gates.
    • Provide a walkway alongside loading ramps.
    • Redesign features that create shadows and hinder the free flow of animals.
    • Position gates strategically to reduce the likelihood of workers getting trapped.
    • Minimise the use of noisy equipment, materials, and construction methods.
    • When horses are involved, ensure that cap rails are positioned well above the rider’s height.
    • Avoid using slippery materials in walk areas.
    • Explore plans that enable livestock to be worked from outside forcing areas.
    • Develop plans to minimise dust generation.

Cattle producers bear a significant responsibility for the well-being of the animals under their care, making animal welfare a paramount concern. It is imperative that they fulfill the fundamental requirements of providing water, sustenance, shelter, and a secure environment for their livestock.

Key aspects related to animal welfare and behaviour include using cooling yards, curved races, sheeting, visual barriers, regular maintenance, the elimination of protruding objects, and the reduction of noise. Ensuring an adequate supply of water and sufficient trough space for feeding is of utmost importance.

For guidance on adhering to appropriate standards, National Codes of Practice pertaining to animal welfare are typically accessible through State Departments of Primary Industries or Agriculture.

It is advisable to have yards situated at a central location, allowing the holding paddock to connect directly with multiple strategically positioned smaller or portable yards. A site with loam or gravel soil is preferable to one with heavy clay soils, as the loam and gravel soils are less boggy and generally less dusty.

Additionally, to mitigate the risk of livestock theft, it is recommended that all vehicle access routes to the yards pass within the line of sight from the house.