Metalcorp products from BlueScope Distribution

Our team at BlueScope Distribution has your on-farm needs handled. We can supply the range of Metalcorp manufactured livestock handling products and solutions including cattle yards, sheep yards, horse yards, races, crushes, baulk gates, manway gates, manway panels, race bows, force yards, panels, slide gates, gate-in-frames, walkways, ramps, grids, headbails, grain feeders and tombstone feeders.

We can source the quality range of Metalcorp stock handling equipment including HobbyMaster®, Classic Plus®, CattleMaster®, CattleKing®, StockMaster®, StudMaster®, SheepMaster®, SheepKing®, HorseKing® and GoatMaster®.

As well as livestock handling and yarding solutions, we can supply a range of fencing products from Metalcorp, including barb wire, plain wire, posts, and vertical brace gates.

Livestock Handling

BlueScope Distribution can provide you with a range of Yard and handling equipment for cattle, sheep, goat and horses from the Metalcorp range.

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Cattle Handling

Crushes/Headbail – Including the cattle crushes and headbails from the HobbyMaster®, Classic Plus® and CattleMaster® ranges plus baulk gates

Ramps – Including ramps components from the StudMaster® and CattleKing® range

Forcing Yards – Including the CattleMaster® and CattleKing® range

Panels – Including the StudMaster®, StockMaster®, CattleMaster® and CattleKing® range

Gates In Frames – Including Cattle Gate In Frames and yard pins

Manway Panels – Including Cattle Manway Panels and yard pins

Manway Gates – Including Cattle Manway Gates and yard pins

Slide Gates – Including Cattle Slide Gates and yard pins

Bows – Including Cattle Race Bows & Force Yard Bows

Sheep Handling Equipment

Drafts – Including drafting races from the SheepKing® range

Ramps – Including ramp components from the SheepMaster® and SheepKing® range

Panels – Including panels the SheepMaster and SheepKing® range

Gates In Frames – Including Sheep gate in frame and yard pins

Manway Panels – Including Manway panels from the SheepKing® range

Race Gate – Including race gates from the SheepMaster®

Slide Gates – Including slide gates from the SheepKing® range

Bows – Including sheep race bows and yard pins

Goat Equipment

Panels – Including the panels from the GoatMaster® range and yard pins

Horse Equipment

Panels – Including panels from the HorseKing® range and yard pins

Gates In Frames – Including yard pins


Access a range of livestock feeders available in the Metalcorp range from BlueScope Distribution


A range of livestock handling accessories including Yard Pins and Cattle Crush Floor.


Our team can provide you with a range of plain and barb wire, farm gates and accessories from the Metalcorp range.

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Access the range of Metalcorp farm gates in a variety of sizes through your local BlueScope Distribution branch.


BlueScope Distribution can provide you access to a range of fencing wire, barb wire, steel pickets and related accessories.


A variety of farm fencing accessories to help you complete your project including fence caps, fasteners and tools.