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BlueScope Distribution provides Australian businesses, small and large, with high-quality steel products and steel supply chain solutions. We strive to ensure that our customers are equipped to complete their projects to the highest standard possible, by providing high quality steel products and processing solutions to match.

We provide a range of steel tube products, including Circular Hollow Section (CHS) steel to our clients, who employ this versatile material for a wide range of structural end-uses. CHS steel tube can be produced to a variety of specifications and dimensions, and these sections can be adapted for use across a range of industries, including transport, construction, and agriculture.

BlueScope Distribution is a recognised Australian Distributor, known for providing businesses with quality steel products. Our locally based teams are specialists in our product range and can advise customers on the best CHS steel tube solutions for their end-use.

Visit your local branch, or contact us online to discuss with our friendly, knowledgeable team how we can meet your CHS steel tube requirements.


The dimensions, grades, and specifications of CHS steel tubes vary greatly to best cater to the wide range of purposes they are used for. Variations include outside wall width (or wall thickness), length of the section, and nominal diameter. In addition, CHS steel tube is available in painted, raw, cut to length, bent, joined, or modified depending on the needs of the particular project.

At BlueScope Distribution, we understand the importance of being able to find the correct material for your project. We can service your particular project needs by providing CHS steel tube in a range of specifications.

Universal varieties of CHS steel tube are available to give customers the ability to select from standardised section types. This can be useful for deployment in environments where predictability of performance metrics is of utmost importance.

For situations where standard selections might not fulfil the need at hand, our team offers the necessary processing services to provide the CHS steel tube that fits your job.


If your project requires your CHS steel tube to be fabricated in a certain way, or standard varieties of CHS tube do not quite fit your requirements, our trained and committed team can cut your CHS steel down to size, or process your tube in a number of other ways.

The processing services that we offer include:

  • Plasma Beamline processing: Our plasma beamline processing capabilities offer our customers a range of structural steel processing options with a high level of accuracy and efficiency.  Using state-of-the-art technology, we can supply customers with semi-finished components ready for final fabrication and installation. Contact your local branch to enquire about this service.
  • Cut to length: Cut to length tube products are available through our direct to public outlets, ideal for trades, home improvement and handyman jobs.

Our value-add processing services assist our customers who benefit from our integrated service model, which not only offers a reliable supply of high-quality CHS steel tube, but also adds efficiencies to their supply chain, and therefore their entire operations.

BlueScope Distribution aims to provide high quality steel product solutions to our customers and our team are always happy to discuss how our processing services can be applied to position your project for success.


At BlueScope Distribution, we understand that it is not only access to the material itself that our customers need but also the end-to-end operational capabilities to manage their supply chains, inventories, and deployment of this material to the utmost effectiveness.

Our suite of service solutions includes supply chain and project management, consignment stock and inventory management, business-to-business integration, coordination of just-in-time delivery, and more.

We know that each of the businesses we serve face unique challenges and offer services that meet their unique project demands. As such, our solutions can be adapted and tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Speak to the team at your local branch, or contact us online about how we can best assist your business with our range of steel products and supply chain solutions.

Circular Hollow Sections (CHS)

Section: Pipe (CHS)
Standard: AS/NZS 1163 & AS 1074
Grade: C250L0, C350L0
  • (+) Denotes tensile strength exceeds AS 1074 specification.
  • Non standard sizes, surface finishes and lengths a+ailable subject to enquiry. Minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) apply.
  • NOPC & OILED a+ailable subject to enquiry.

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