SHS steel tube from BlueScope Distribution

BlueScope Distribution supplies high quality steel and aluminium supplies to businesses across Australia, providing a range of structural tube products, including Square Hollow Section (SHS) steel tube. Our SHS steel tube is manufactured to a high-quality standard.

At BlueScope Distribution, we understand that the needs of no two customers are the same, and our service offering has been developed to address this. In addition to providing quality SHS steel tube products for our customers, we also offer value-add processing services. We can also assist your business with operations and support services such as supply chain management and just-in-time delivery.

Regardless of the industry you operate in, from defence, to farming, building and manufacturing, we can help you find the most appropriate SHS steel tube products to deliver the best results for your requirement.

To find out how BlueScope Distribution can assist with your SHS steel tube supply needs, visit one of our regional or metropolitan branches across Australia, or contact us online.


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SHS steel tube is distinguished from RHS steel tube in that it is perfect for uses such as fence posts, gate frames, and as key components of a wide range of handyman works.

We ensure our customers can find the correct SHS steel tube for their job by offering these lengths in a selection of different dimensions. Typically, the greater the dimensions of the square section, the greater the thickness of the walls, rising proportionately with increases in width and height.

These various sized sections are standardised in terms of their performance metrics, meaning that you can proceed with the confidence that your materials will be appropriate for their intended use.

In addition to the broad selection of dimensions available, our SHS steel tube is also available in painted, finished with hot-dip galvanized process, or left unfinished depending on your preference. The relative cost of SHS steel tube combined with its reputation as an easy-to-use and versatile material make it a popular choice for both general use and construction purposes.


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For many end-use applications of SHS steel tube, certain modifications are often necessary in order to complete the final process. For example, fence posts may need to be cut down to size, or sections that require joins may require bolt holes.

BlueScope Distribution offers our customers access to processing services that provide the freedom to plan and implement projects with increased flexibility, optionality, and capabilities.

The processing services that we offer include:

  • Plasma Beamline processing: Our plasma beamline processing capabilities offer our customers a range of structural steel processing options with a high level of accuracy and efficiency. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can supply customers with semi-finished components ready for final fabrication and installation. Contact your local branch to enquire about this service.
  • Cut to length: Cut to length tube products are available through our direct to public outlets, ideal for trades, home improvement and handyman jobs.

For a detailed breakdown of the processing services provided by BlueScope Distribution to optimise your SHS steel tube supply and utilisation, you can visit the Processing section of our website. Alternatively, get in touch with a member of our team who can discuss your product requirements with you.


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We believe that Australian businesses should have access to the premium quality structural steel products and inputs.

Our products are backed by operations-focused solutions to deliver end-to-end efficiencies that ultimately improve outcomes for end consumers.

For more information, contact our team to discuss how our SHS steel tube products, services and solutions can provide the greatest benefit to your business and your own customers.