Non-residential building 

BlueScope Distribution understands that our customers servicing the non-residential building segment need access to a wide range of steel materials quickly. Critical to their projects is access to trusted products, such as sheet and coil products like COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel, and plate products, such as XLERPLATE® steel, as well as structural steels.

Our customers produce roofing, walling and framing products that go into many commercial building applications, such as warehouses and industrial buildings. Our teams provide our building customers with access to slit coils and sheet packs, and when it comes to COLORBOND® steel products our customers can enjoy the wide range of colours and the complete COLORBOND® steel range.

Our teams can supply sheet and coil, plate, aluminium, tube, bar, structural and reinforcing products, providing your business one easy point of contact for your steel and aluminium needs. BlueScope Distribution can assist in coordinating supply for commercial building projects, and we understand it is critical to supply on-time to meet project deadlines, with large stockholdings for urgent materials, excellent inventory-control and warehousing processes. Our trusted systems and knowledgeable people provide peace of mind when it comes to supplying steel for our building customers. 


As well as steel sheet, steel tube, bar, structural and reinforcing products are key to the building industry, and BlueScope Distribution can supply a wide range. Product quality, product tolerances, and reliability of supply are the foundations of BlueScope Distribution’s offer. By looking closely at our customer’s production and processing lines, we aim to identify cost and time savings, remove bottlenecks, and make incremental changes, which can translate into profit improvements. 

Certified non-combustible AS1530.1 Aluminium Product

With BlueScope Distribution, your business has access to a range of certified non-combustible aluminium products available ex stock and customised to suit your project requirements. Independently tested in Australia by CSIRO in accordance with AS 1530.1-1994, BlueScope Distribution’s range of mill-finish aluminium sheet, coil and plate product, up to 6.30mm thickness, meets Australian standards for the combustibility test for materials.

Officially, the material is NOT deemed combustible according to the test criteria specified in Clause 3.4 of AS 1530.1-1994*. This means your façade and cladding manufacturing requirements can benefit from further certainty and certification, ensuring your projects run to specification requirements.


It’s this combined capability which makes us a single source product, processing and solutions provider. Through our national network, no project is too big, too remote or too complex. Our team are experienced with coordinating multiple processing and delivery needs for our customers’ projects. Our range of value-add processing services include slitting, shearing, cutting, drilling, bevelling, blasting, priming and router cutting.  


Our teams can also assist customers with a range of added solutions that further support our customers to find the freedom to do what they do best. These solutions include:  

  • Consignment stock 
  • End to end supply chain management  
  • Strategic sourcing  
  • Single source steel and aluminium supply  
  • Steel efficiency reviews  

Our non-residential building and construction customers can access the following key product and service offerings: 

  1. Quality Accredited Steel Products – Our ISO 9001 quality management system provides assurance. We understand the importance of material traceability and can provide test certificates to match all our steel and aluminium products, providing peace of mind and consistent high quality. 
  2. Processed Products and Parts – We work with our construction customers to provide confidence in our processed products and parts. This in turn allows our customers to free up warehouse space and utilise their workforce in adding value down the line. 
  3. Supply Chain Management – Managing multiple jobs and projects can be complex, as well as time and resource consuming, requiring specific skillsets and experience. BlueScope Distribution provides expertise in stock management, supply chain efficiency and inventory optimisation programs. This allows your business to reduce working capital with the peace of mind of stock availability. 
  4. Leverage Brand Awareness – We partner with your business to ensure a long-lasting relationship built on trust. Leveraging our brands, BlueScope Distribution will support your business to grow market share and increase revenue. We work with you to further promote your products and services into new and existing markets. 

Our key differentiators

  • Australian-made steel products backed by the technical expertise of the BlueScope steel mill.
  • A comprehensive range of steel and aluminium products with the ability to investigate new grades and non-standard products. We can also source products internationally if required.
  • Experience with large projects; scoping materials, arranging processing, managing project timelines and delivery, with a single point of contact to streamline supply.
  • Semi-finished and cut parts, fit-for-purpose and delivered just in time to manage inventory and space.
  • Traceability of materials and the ability to label parts as required.
  • Strong safety and continuous improvement culture.
  • CRM systems to effectively manage interactions and ease-of-business.

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