Providing solutions to the agriculture and farming industry

Our BlueScope Distribution team can offer a range of steel and aluminium products to suit on-farm needs, as well as agricultural manufacturing requirements.

Agriculture equipment manufacturing

BlueScope Distribution can supply a huge range of steel and aluminium products, which our agricultural manufacturing customers use to produce a wide range of on-farm plant equipment needs. Products such as blades for cutting sugar cane, speed tillers, harrows, hay rakes, chaser bins, screening buckets, silos, irrigation systems, rotatory dairies, livestock transport and shedding.


On-farm steel products from your local BlueScope Distribution team are designed with the farmer in mind. From stock handling to downgrade for DIY yard applications. Through our regional network, BlueScope Distribution are able to supply our farming communities with cattle handling products such as cattle crushes and cattle ramps, sheep handling equipment such as 3-way races, horse yard products, stock yard systems, feeders, cattle grids, wire fencing, tubular steel products and more.


If you are a farmer needing to upgrade your on-farm equipment, your local BlueScope Distribution team can assist with a wide range of products to suit livestock handling and DIY farm upgrades. This includes complete livestock handling systems, accessories and a wide range of tube for DIY fencing.

On-farm products

Just some of the products you can access from our team includes the Metalcorp® range of livestock products.

Cattle Handling
  • Yards – panels and matching components to build your own yards. We can also assist with ready-designed yards for managing livestock flow
  • Crushes
  • Ramps – permanent and drop-down
  • Calf cradles
  • Cattle grids.
Sheep Handling
  • Yards – panels and matching components to build your own yards. We can also assist with ready-designed yards for managing livestock flow
  • Ramps – permanent and drop-down and portable
  • 3-way drafts.
  • Gates – vertical brace mesh in-fill gates, gates in frame, access gates
  • Steel fence posts – both black and galvanised
  • Plain wire and barb wire.


It’s this combined capability which makes us a single source product, processing and solutions provider. Through our national network, we can supply your steel and aluminium with a range of value-add processing services, such as cutting, drilling, bevelling, blasting, priming and router cutting.

  • Slitting and shearing for sheet and coil
  • Plasma and oxy cutting for plate products
  • Router cutting for aluminium
  • Structural beam drilling, coping, notching, cutting, slots, marks/scribing, mitre and bevel cutting.

Your processing services for prepainted steel products include:


Our team are especially experienced in alleviating the challenges of managing minimum order quantity requirements that come with dealing mill-direct and by removing complexities from typical steel and aluminium supply chains.

Our teams can also assist customers with a range of added solutions which further support our customers to find the freedom to do what they do best.  These solutions include:

  • Consignment stock
  • End to end supply chain management
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Single source steel and aluminium supply
  • Project management of product sourcing, material processing and just in time deliveries
  • Steel efficiency reviews

At BlueScope Distribution, we are dedicated to serving customers across Australia. Our metro branches are strategically located in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, and we also have many rural branches to provide customers who live out-with these locations with high quality steel products. 

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