Universal beams and universal columns from BlueScope Distribution

BlueScope Distribution is an Australian steel provider that serves businesses across the nation with reliable, and affordable steel solutions. We believe in delivering our customers the best steel supplies backed by a fully integrated service that provides value-enhancing end-to-end supply chain solutions from sourcing, to supply chain management, processing services, and more.

Amongst the broad selection of steel and aluminium products that BlueScope Distribution can supply, Universal beams and universal columns are amongst the most fundamental and invaluable. Found in any project where high weight-bearing capacity is required, universal beams and columns are implemented by professionals across a range of sectors including residential and commercial construction, mining and energy, and civil engineering. 

The universal beams and universal columns that we supply are amongst the highest quality Australian steel products and meet the most rigorous standards in terms of strength and performance.


To fit the variety of different uses they are required for, universal beams columns are generally delivered in a variety of different dimensions, with variation across section length, height, depth thicknesses and radii. Depending on the dimensions of these variables, the beam will exhibit different grades of strength, meaning that there is a particular universal beam or column that is suitable for most projects.

Universal beams

Universal beams can be used for a range of applications including residential building, civil construction, non-residential building, mining, and general manufacturing. 

Our basic universal beam size range includes: 

  • 150mm
  • 180 mm
  • 200 mm
  • 250 mm
  • 310 mm 
  • 360mm 

Heavy Universal Beams are available in three sizes: 

  • 460 mm
  • 530 mm
  • 610 mm

Standard section lengths include

  • 9m
  • 10.5m
  • 12m
  • 13.5m
  • 15m
  • 18m 
  • 20m

Non-standard lengths are also available. 

Universal columns

Universal columns can be used for a range of applications including residential building, civil construction, non-residential building, mining, and general manufacturing. In terms of section weight-to-length ratios, columns typically range from 14.8kg per metre for the lightest-duty columns, to 158kg per metre for the strongest, most rigid columns.

Our light steel universal column size range includes: 

  • 100 mm
  • 150 mm
  • 200 mm

Heavy steel universal columns come in two sizes: 

  • 250 mm
  • 310 mm


We offer cut-to-length processing, as well as other processing such as bolt-holes, punch marks, mitre cutting, and more to ensure our customers can access the materials needed to complete their project. It is our goal for our clients to be able to order exactly the steel products they need, even if they are not the typical sizes of universal beams and columns, and to access these supplies with the same ease as standard varieties.

By offering our value-add processing services, we enable our customers the opportunity to realise increased efficiency in their operations. Rather than sourcing universal beams, moving them to the project site, cutting them to length and then prepping them for use, our customers are able to simply receive delivery of their columns and put them to immediate use to advance the project at hand. To find out more about the processing services offered by BlueScope Distribution please contact your nearest branch.


Thanks to the deep expertise of our team, we are able to offer support services such as supply chain management, project management, consignment stock, just-in-time delivery, and much more to ensure that your supply of universal beams and columns runs as effectively as it can.

Because we are committed to helping our customers deliver success across our entire industry, in addition to our range of operational solutions, BlueScope Distribution also runs the Steel Efficiency Review. This program is a service for clients operating in the manufacturing, construction, transport, and energy spaces, which involves a free consultation, as well as a report which offers insights into how clients can improve operations from the perspective of logistics, production, and wastage. 

To take advantage of the full breadth of services BlueScope Distribution has to offer, contact us online or speak with one of our knowledgeable team members at your local branch. Regardless of your goals, our supply, processing, and solutions services can assist you with increased efficiency, greater affordability, and with the promise of quality results.