Renewable energy

At BlueScope Distribution, we work with Australian and International customers to deliver renewable energy projects. Our wide range of steel and aluminium, diversified processing capability, and end to end supply chain and project management skills enable us to ensure projects are delivered per the project specified timelines. Our teams can supply processed steel and aluminium products, ready for manufacturing into wind towers and solar farms.

Renewable energy is fast becoming a growth industry around the world. Renewable energy is derived by utilising natural resources, such as wind or solar to create a source of energy that can be constantly replenished. The development of renewable energy technologies is quickly becoming an area of advancement, with the need to effectively generate, store and distribute renewable energy to the grid.

Servicing businesses with quality products, processing, and solutions, our teams can coordinate the supply and processing of steel and aluminium products to meet renewable energy project timelines. Meeting project milestones, technical product support, certification and material traceability are just some of the ways our teams can deliver value. Our customers manufacture products used to generate renewable energy. Wind towers use large volumes of steel, and our team is proud to have partnered with key customers and supplied into some of Australia’s largest wind farm projects. Our renewable energy customers engineer solutions to meet Australia’s growing renewable energy needs, these include:

  • Wind farms
  • Solar farms


To complement our steel range, our teams can also offer a full range of sheet, coil, plate and extruded aluminium products. Our BlueScope Distribution teams work closely with our supply network to provide an optimised supply chain solution for our customers. We work closely with our customers to understand their project timelines; enabling us to best manage their end to end supply chain requirements.


It is this combined capability that makes us a single source product, processing and solutions provider. Through our national network, no project is too big, too remote or too complex. Our team is experienced with coordinating multiple processing and delivery needs for our customers’ projects. Our range of value-add processing services includes cutting, drilling, bevelling, blasting, priming and router cutting.

See our processing page for more details.


Our team is especially skilled in easing the challenges of managing minimum order quantity requirements that come with dealing mill-direct, removing complexity from your supply-chain. Our teams can also assist customers with a range of added solutions which further support our customers to find the freedom to do what they do best. These solutions include:

  • Consignment stock
  • End to end supply chain management
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Single source steel and aluminium supply
  • Steel efficiency reviews

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is produced by using natural resources. These resources are constantly replaced or renewed to continue the energy production process. Sources such as:

  • Solar, Wind, Hydro
  • Geothermal Energy, Bioenergy, Wave & Tidal Energy

New technologies are constantly being developed and improved to deliver consistency and reliability to the energy grid. These renewable technologies include developments such as:

  • Battery storage
  • Supply prediction solutions
  • Smart grid technologies

There is an increased interest and investment in the renewable energy sector. There are a number of reasons for this increase, including a drive to reduce CO2 emissions worldwide, reduction in the reliance on fossil fuels, which, unlike renewable energy sources have a finite source, desire to source a more cost-effective alternative to other energy sources, lowering costs to develop wind and solar plants, and international agreement on emissions that contribute to global warming.

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