COLORBOND® steel from BlueScope Distribution

Enjoy the freedom and convenience of sourcing all your COLORBOND® steel sheet and coil, as well as other associated products under one roof. COLORBOND® steel is the industry trademark for the wide range of premium quality, prepainted steel products manufactured by BlueScope.

BlueScope Distribution are COLORBOND® steel sheet and coil suppliers, experienced in helping customers to access the wide range of premium COLORBOND® steel sheet and coil products, as well as the extended product range: COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel, COLORBOND® Metallic steel, COLORBOND® steel Matt, COLORBOND® Ultra steel, COLORBOND® XFP steel, and AQUAPLATE® steel.


COLORBOND® steel sheet and COLORBOND® steel coil is available in a wide range of colours, inspired by the beauty of the Australian landscape. Colour options come in five categories: Contemporary, Classic, Fencing, Ultra and the new Matt finish. Our team are experts in the entire COLORBOND® steel range of sheet and coil products and can determine the best options to suit your application or business requirements. With such a wide colour palette, our customers have many options to choose from when manufacturing their roofing, walling, or fencing products.

COLORBOND® steel sheet and coil applications

COLORBOND® steel sheet products have a range of end-use applications. With convenient locations across Australia, your local BlueScope Distribution team is experienced in supplying COLORBOND® steel sheet and COLORBOND® steel coil products to fabricators, roll-forming businesses and steel suppliers who manufacture roofing, guttering and fascia products, garage doors, walling products, fencing, sheds, patios, pergolas and water tanks to name a few.

COLORBOND® steel sheet and coil specifications

COLORBOND® steel sheet and coil products are supplied to conform to the appropriate Australian standards:

  • Dimensional tolerances: AS/NZS 1365
  • Substrate Cold-rolled: AS/NZS 1595
  • Stainless steel: AS 1449
  • Hot-dipped metallic-coated: AS 1397:2001
  • Organic Finishes AS/NZS 2728 Prepainted and organic film/metal laminate products – performance requirements for interior/exterior applications in buildings

In addition to our COLORBOND® steel sheet and COLORBOND® steel coil product options, your specialist team can also assist with building products made with COLORBOND® steel. These include options for the Lysaght® range of quality roofing, walling, rainwater and fencing products. To learn more, visit our building products page.

For detailed information and specifications, read the product data sheets here:


Your BlueScope Distribution team are experienced and responsive with both technical and local knowledge. Coupled with our national processing capability, we offer customers COLORBOND® steel in both sheet and coil form with in-house slitting and shearing equipment, which can turn COLORBOND® steel coils into pre-cut sheets and custom slit sizes.

Customers are then able to manufacture a range of end user products, such as roofing, fencing and rainwater goods. Our diversified range of products, processing quality and expertise, as well as supply chain and project management capability provide our customers a complete solution. BlueScope Distribution customers appreciate the efficiency our sales teams offer, providing confidence to customers in knowing the quality product they need will be available on time and to project or manufacturing timelines.

COLORBOND® steel sheet and coil processing services

Slitting and recoiling for COLORBOND® steel coils

BlueScope Distribution provides customers with processing services for  COLORBOND® steel coil. Our teams can slit and recoil large COLORBOND® steel coils manufactured by the BlueScope mill, to process the product to the size required by our customers for their manufacturing purposes. 

Shearing for COLORBOND® steel sheets

Our shearing services enable BlueScope Distribution teams to cut COLORBOND® steel sheets and stack them in packs for ease of delivery and storage. With consistent stock of standard sheet sizes of COLORBOND® steel, we ensure our customers have access to the products that they require for their manufacturing purposes. We can also work with customers to shear non-standard sheet sizes to maximise efficiencies for their production lines and manufacturing requirement.

Your processing services for COLORBOND® steel products include:

Slitting, Shearing, Recoiling, Blanking

To learn more about our range of steel processing services, please visit our processing page.


COLORBOND® steel sheet and coil applications

COLORBOND® steel sheet and COLORBOND® steel coil products are used for a variety of applications in residential, commercial, construction and broader manufacturing applications.  BlueScope Distribution customers turn the COLORBOND® steel sheet and COLORBOND® steel coil products that our team supplies into roofing, guttering, facia and fencing, as well as other manufactured products such as hot water systems.

BlueScope Distribution’s value-add solutions

With a national network of branches Australia-wide, your BlueScope Distribution teams provide ease of accessibility and full supply chain solutions for the wide range of COLORBOND® steel products. We work closely with our customers to manage product requirements and forecasting to ensure material is available how and when it is needed, so our customers can concentrate on manufacturing a wide range of end use products for Australian communities. Our teams can assist with scheduling, forecasting, consignment options, product labelling and kitting options, nesting, and project management from start to finish.

BlueScope Distribution’s Steel Efficiency Review®

Our Steel Efficiency Review® is available to all of our customers. It is a service we offer to assist with looking closely at production and processing lines to help our customers identify potential cost and time savings to recommend possible improvements. To learn more, please visit our SER® page.

Complementary products for COLORBOND® steel sheet and coil

With BlueScope Distribution, customers can also access a wide range of steel and aluminium products that complement our suite of COLORBOND® steel sheet and COLORBOND® steel coil range. In addition to prepainted products such as COLORBOND® steel, your local branch can supply steel sheet and coil products, RHS steel, SHS steelsteel tubemerchant bar and structural steel.

COLORBOND® steel coil


COLORBOND® steel sheet sizes

Standard widths and lengths vary by state and lengths can be provided as per customer requirements. Recoil options also available. All items as listed are a guide only and are subject to change without prior notice. For material selection advice, or to determine if warranties apply, contact your local BlueScope Distribution branch.

Industries we service with COLORBOND® steel sheet and coil

BlueScope Distribution is a steel supplier, processor and solutions provider, servicing customers across a wide range of industries. Below are some examples of the key industries that we service with COLORBOND® steel sheet and coil products. If your business operates in an industry that is not detailed below, get in touch with our team to find out more about our range of COLORBOND® steel sheet and coil.

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