Steel Sheet


Prepainted sheet steel

Our prepainted steel sheet products are available in a range of sizes and specifications, providing customers with the flexibility to choose the product that best meets their needs. Quality, durable, prepainted steel products that will last for years to come once manufactured into end user goods.

  • COLORBOND® steel: At BlueScope Distribution, we provide customers with COLORBOND® steel sheet and COLORBOND® steel coil products, which are generally used to manufacture roofing, fencing, and walling products. We supply COLORBOND® sheet in thickness from 0.55mm and width from 1200mm.
  • Drumstock®: Drumstock® is a prepainted steel sheet product that is ready for use in the production of steel drums. Drumstock® is made for transporting and storing chemicals as well as dairy, detergent, and fruit pulp goods. With a chemically resistant inner and a weather-resistant drum on its outer covering, Drumstock® offers good formability.
  • Exterior hot water products: Designed for wrapping hot water systems, this prepainted steel sheet product is intended for use as a wrapping material.
  • General manufactured articles: Prepainted steel sheet products are often used on interior design products.
  • Interior furniture & shelving: Prepainted steel sheet is ready to be used in the production of commodities including furniture, storage, and office equipment.
  • Primer only material: This prepainted steel sheet product is delivered with a primer-only painted surface, making the product surface ready for painting. The product adheres and forms well to post-painted topcoats. The production of appliance parts, door and window screens, drum lids, and drum bodies are just a few examples of common uses.
  • Sign writing panels: In order to best serve sign writing customers, this prepainted steel sheet product was created just for them. Our product is renowned for its robustness, resistance to marking, and high shine.
  • Superior gloss articles: Our prepainted steel sheet product delivers a high gloss surface that is mar resistant and perfect for any high-traffic area. From cabinet making in laundries to light fittings and commercial refrigeration shells, you can trust Superior Gloss Articles for a durable and attractive finish.

Metallic coated steel sheet

The BlueScope Distribution team is proficient in helping customers access the broad selection of metallic coated steel sheet products. These products feature a coating that shields the steel from oxidation by isolating the surface from the atmosphere and enhancing the steel’s performance.

By choosing BlueScope Distribution, your business has access to a wide range of pre-painted and metallic coated steel sheet products, including branded products:

  • COLORBOND® steel
  • GALVABOND® steel
  • GALVASPAN® steel
  • TRUECORE® steel
  • DECKFORM® steel
  • ZINC HI-TEN® steel
  • ZINCFORM® steel
  • ZINCALUME® steel

Cold rolled steel sheet

BlueScope Distribution customers often use our cold-rolled steel sheet products to manufacture a diverse range of items, including automotive parts, washers and bushes, structural applications, and guardrails. Our team is committed to assisting customers in accessing a variety of cold-rolled steel products.

We provide cold rolled steel sheet products in the following categories:

  • Formable
  • Structural
  • Carbon
  • Hardness

Grade options include:

Grade Application
CA1010H-E steel Bearings, hardened washers and bushes.
CA2S-E steel Office furniture, shelving.
CA3SN-G steel Unexposed drawn parts for automotive and appliance end uses.
CA85T-G steel Flat blanking seals, washers, brackets, and hinges.
DRUMSTOCK® steel Cold-rolled, skin-passed steel produced specifically for the container market drum and pail bodies and ends.
CA250T-G steel General fabrication and welding Guard rails, structural sections.
CM350-G steel Automotive components, seat parts, tubing.
CU200T-G steel General fabrication and welding Tubing, general pressing.
CV2S1 steel Stove liners, heaters.

Hot rolled steel sheet

BlueScope Distribution provides a wide range of hot-rolled steel sheet products.

We provide hot rolled steel sheet in the following categories:

  • Hot rolled formable steel products
  • Hot rolled analysis grade products
  • Hot rolled structural products

Hot rolled strip AS/NZS 1594 – HA1

Our hot-rolled commercial forming products are designed for simple forming welding and bending operations.

Typical applications:

  • Shelving
  • Brackets
  • Furniture

Hot rolled strip AS/NZS 1594 – HA3

  • Hot-rolled formable steel is suitable when pickled for medium drawing and heavy pressing applications.

Typical applications:

  • General manufactured components
  • Automotive components
  • Brackets
  • Furniture

Hot rolled strip AS/NZS 1594 – XF400


Our hot-rolled extra formable structural steel sheet is designed for severe bending and forming.

Typical applications:

  • Automotive components
  • Roll forming applications
  • Brake press forming applications
  • General fabrications

Hot rolled structural products

Hot-rolled structural products with a minimum yield strength, good weldability and good ductility. These products are traditionally used by our customers in:

  • structural sections
  • light poles
  • gas cylinders
  • racking
  • shelving
  • guardrails
  • roll forming applications
  • brake press forming applications
  • general fabrications

The following grades are available through our BlueScope Distribution teams:

  • Hot rolled strip AS/NZS 1594 – HA200
  • Hot rolled strip AS/NZS 1594 – HA250
  • Hot rolled strip AS/NZS 1594 – HA250 Floor plate
  • Hot rolled strip AS/NZS 1594 – HA350
  • Hot rolled strip AS/NZS 1594 – HA300
  • REDCOR® weathering steel HW350A

Hot rolled analysis grade products

At BlueScope Distribution, we provide hot rolled carbon steel products in a range of thicknesses and widths, which are typically used in:

  • hot water systems (including vitreous enamelled)
  • cylinders including gas with good weldability
  • galvanising applications.


Shearing for Sheets

Many of our customers integrate our steel sheet products into their production workflows, employing processes like turret punching or break press forming. Through our shearing services, our teams proficiently cut steel coils into customised sheet steel sizes and can organise them into palletised packs for convenient delivery, storage, and utilisation on our clients’ machinery. We keep standard sheet sizes of popular products like COLORBOND® steel, hot-rolled, and cold-rolled sheet in stock.


  • Just-in-time delivery: We collaborate closely with customers throughout their project to ensure operational efficiencies until completion, facilitating the timely delivery of steel products precisely where and when they are required.
  • Consignment Stock: Leveraging our size and reach, we offer customers readily available steel through our consignment stock options, providing them with the assurance that their materials are accessible as needed.
  • Forecasting support: We collaborate with customers to identify purchasing trends in order to avoid bottlenecks and ensure smooth manufacturing processes. This facilitates reduced waste and optimises flow of materials. End-to-end supply chain: We prioritise delivering exceptional customer service by offering comprehensive project management solutions through personalised supply chain coordination. Our teams work closely with our customer, applying their expertise in coordinating materials, managing production schedules, and overseeing delivery. This creates a smooth process that guarantees projects are delivered to defined deadlines.
  • B2B integration: BlueScope Distribution uses B2B integration to make steel and aluminium transactions seamless by allowing electronic placement of orders and digital streamlining of operations.
  • Steel efficiency reviews®: We work with customers to provide improved and more cost-efficient ways to conduct business by using our expertise in safety, and our steel and aluminium knowhow.


Sheet steel is used in a wide range of applications across industries. Common uses include roofing, automotive body panels, appliances, construction materials, industrial machinery, and various components in manufacturing and fabrication. BlueScope Distribution are experienced in servicing each of these industries, each of our teams have the expertise to determine the right steel for your project.

The main difference between hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel lies in the manufacturing process, which affects the properties and characteristics of the final product:

Hot-Rolled Steel

  • Manufacturing Process: Hot-rolled steel is produced by heating steel billets or slabs to very high temperatures and then passing them through rollers. This process is performed above the recrystallization temperature of the steel, making it easier to shape and form.
  • Surface Finish: Hot-rolled steel has a rougher surface finish due to the scale that forms during the cooling process. The surface is not as smooth as that of cold-rolled steel.
  • Dimensional Tolerance: Hot-rolled steel tends to have looser tolerances compared to cold-rolled steel, which may result in slightly larger dimensions and variations in thickness. BlueScope Distribution can supply hot-rolled steel in thicknesses 1.50mm to 6.00mm.

Cold-Rolled Steel

  • Manufacturing Process: Cold-rolled steel is produced by processing hot-rolled steel through additional cold reduction or ‘cold rolling’ at room temperature. This process results in a smoother, more finished surface and tighter tolerances.
  • Surface Finish: Cold-rolled steel has a smoother and more refined surface finish compared to hot-rolled steel. The cold rolling process removes the scale and imparts a cleaner appearance.
  • Dimensional Tolerance: Cold-rolled steel typically has tighter dimensional tolerances, providing more precise and consistent thickness throughout the sheet. BlueScope Distribution can supply cold-rolled steel in thicknesses between 0.75-3.00mm.

Key Characteristics of Hot and Cold Rolled Steel

  • Strength: Hot-rolled steel tends to be less strong than cold-rolled steel due to the processing temperatures and additional cold-working of the latter.
  • Workability: Hot-rolled steel is generally more malleable and easier to shape, making it suitable for applications that don’t require precise dimensions. Cold-rolled steel is often preferred for applications requiring precise dimensions and a smooth surface finish.
  • Applications: Hot-rolled steel is commonly used in structural components, while cold-rolled steel is preferred for applications requiring a smoother appearance, such as automotive body panels, appliances, and precision parts.

Both types of steel have their own advantages and applications, and the choice between them depends on the specific requirements of the intended use.

At BlueScope Distribution, we can provide steel sheet in the necessary form to meet the unique requirements of our client projects. We can customise sheet steel in various ways, including:

  • Cutting
  • Shearing
  • Forming
  • Coating and finish
  • Laser Cutting

The right thickness of steel sheet depends on various factors, including application, structural requirements, manufacturing processes, and load-bearing requirements. Considerations such as the intended use, structural design, and applicable building codes can guide the selection of an appropriate sheet steel thickness for your project. The team at BlueScope Distribution can provide guidance based on product specifications and industry standards.

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