Leisure & recreation

BlueScope Distribution proudly supporting the leisure industry with steel and aluminium products, processing and solutions. Our team understands that our manufacturing and fabrication customers servicing the leisure industry need continuity of supply and access to quality aluminium products.

With BlueScope Distribution, your business has access to a comprehensive range of steel and aluminium products and processing options to provide semi-finished parts, all with one convenient point of contact. 

Providing end to end solutions to the leisure & recreation industry

Our team is committed to providing a diversified range of products, high quality processing capability and a broad range of services which help support our customers to find the freedom they need to do what they do best.

We are proudly Australian. The strength of our steel and aluminium products made for tough Australian conditions aim to deliver confidence to the leisure industry made up of manufacturers of caravans, trailers, camper trailers, canopies, trays, and 4WD accessories, such as bull bars and roof racks.


We have access to a full suite of steel and aluminium products for the leisure industry including manufacturers of caravans, trailers, bull bars, camper trailers, canopies, trays, and accessories. As a trusted distributor to the leisure industry, we partner with our customers to meet their project requirements.

We offer 5005 and 5052 aluminium sheet and coil products, with sheets available in 3600mm lengths suitable for applications such as single piece ute canopy structures.

The 6xxx Series of aluminium extrusion products that we supply is aligned to leisure manufacturing and fabrication requirements. We have convenient options for standard extrusions and can work with your project team to investigate and prototype non-standard exclusive extrusions using our 3D printer.

Backed by our commitment to quality, we help reduce compliance risk through our ISO 9001 quality management system accreditation with documented systems and processes.

Our steel range for leisure & recreation applications includes:

Steel plate 

  • Grade 250/350 
  • Boiler & pressure vessel 
  • Floorplate & coilplate
  • Quenched & tempered

Steel sheet & coil

  • Cold rolled & hot rolled
  • Metallic coated 

Tube & pipe 

  • Circular hollow sections 
  • Rectangular hollow sections (RHS steel)
  • Square hollow sections (SHS steel)

Merchant bar

  • Flat bars & angles
  • Rounds & squares

Our aluminium range for leisure & recreation applications includes:

  • Grade 5005 H34 sheet & coil: 
  • Grade 5052 H32 / H38 sheet & coil:
  • Grade 5052 O (5 bar) treadplate:
  • Grade 3003 H22 – bright propeller pattern plate:
  • 6xxx Series extrusion 

Our team can supply you with aluminium products in a variety of finishes such as mill finish, bright finish, plastic coated, painted and anodised.

We also offer a range of laser quality PE coated aluminium sheet products suitable for use with fibre and CO2 lasers.


BlueScope Distribution offers customers servicing the leisure industry the convenience of having their aluminium products processed by our professional and highly skilled teams. Our experienced estimators and programmers work closely with customers to provide workable solutions that assist with design and nesting capabilities, ensuring minimal wastage. 

At BlueScope Distribution, your aluminium project is covered from raw product through to semi-finished parts, all managed with one convenient single source product, processing and solutions provider.

Our key processing services include:

  • Steel plate plasma cutting, drilling, etching & bevelling
  • Steel sheet shearing & coil slitting
  • Aluminium routing, sheet shearing & coil slitting
  • Aluminium PE film application for surface protection


Our teams have the experience to meet project milestones by coordinating material from multiple suppliers, managing production schedules, transport and delivery to provide one seamless point of contact.

Our ability to label and kit material helps some customers to find significant efficiencies in their production, and our team have the technical resources to tackle the most complex project requirements. We can provide storage solutions or VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) for our customers serving the leisure industry.

Being able to source all your steel and aluminium products from one single source product, processing and solutions provider helps you find the freedom to do what you do best.

Our teams can offer your business:

  • Product identification for ease of installation (steel & aluminium surface etching)
  • Kitting and product labelling 
  • Consignment Solutions
  • B2B Digital system integration for ease of doing business

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