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BlueScope Distribution is your convenient single-source steel supplier that operates across Australia. We are part of the broader BlueScope group of businesses, providing steel products, processing and solutions to businesses across the country.

Our locally based steel suppliers are committed to providing a comprehensive and diversified product offering to customers Australia-wide.  We pride ourselves on our high-quality in-house processing capabilities and wide range of value-add services that we offer to our customers.  

A proudly Australian steel supplier, BlueScope Distribution works with customers to provide quality steel products matched with exceptional customer service. Our extensive network of branches across both metro locations and regional towns, supply steel to customers across a variety of industries including defence, infrastructure, manufacturing, building and transport.


Steel plate suppliers

  • Plate steel: BlueScope Distribution offers a comprehensive range of steel plate products that includes BlueScope manufactured XLERPLATE® steelTRU-SPEC® steel and REDCOR® steel.  The range covers mild steel plate, high tensile steel plate, weather-resistant steel plate, quenched and tempered steel plate, wear plate, coil plate, pattern plate and treadplate options.
  • Coil plate: We supply coil plate from BlueScope’s range of TRU-SPEC® steel products in a range of structural grades, widths and lengths.
  • Weathering steel plate: BlueScope Distribution provides a range of REDCOR® weathering steel plate, recognised for its enhanced aesthetics, and improved weather resistance.
  • Quenched & tempered: BlueScope Distribution provides a range of BISALLOY® steel products that are designed with a high strength level for applications in high impact situations.

Steel sheet & coil suppliers

  • Pre-painted steel:  We can provide a range of COLORBOND® steel sheet and COLORBOND® steel coil in both sheet and coil form, which can be used for a range of end-use products, including roofing, walling, and fencing.
  • Metallic coated steel: We provide a range of metallic coated steel products manufactured by BlueScope, including our branded ZINCALUME® steel sheet and coil.
  • Cold-rolled steel: BlueScope Distribution’s cold-rolled steel products are available in four product groups: Formable, Structural, Carbon & Hardness.
  • Hot-rolled steel: Our range of hot-rolled steel products are available in sheet and coil form, as well as floor plate or pattern plate. 

Steel product suppliers

  • Pipes, valves & fittings: BlueScope Distribution provides steel pipe for pipeline, HVAC and mining pipe and valves projects.
  • Reinforcing steel: Our local BlueScope Distribution team can assist you with your reinforcing steel requirements, such as mesh and deformed bar, and a range of accessories such as spacers and bar chairs.
  • Structural steel: BlueScope Distribution provides a range of structural steel products and can also provide processing services for these products.
  • Merchant bar: Our range of merchant bar products comprises flats, rounds, angles, squares and channels.
  • Pipe & tube steel: BlueScope Distribution provides a range of pipe and tube steel, including CHS, RHS, SHS and ERW steel tube.
  • Building products: We provide a range of quality steel products to customers who service the residential building segment including COLORBOND® steel, ZINCALUME® steel and TRUECORE® steel.


Steel sheet processing services

  • Slitting and recoiling for steel coils: We take large steel coils from the BlueScope mill and slit them to the necessary sizes specified by our customers in order to fulfil their manufacturing needs.
  • Shearing for steel sheets: Our teams cut steel coils into sheet steel for our customers and stack it in palletised packs for delivery to them.
  • Kitting services: Where required, we will supply material to our customers in kit form. This provides efficiencies for customers when they assemble the steel products. 

Steel plate processing services

  • Plasma cutting services: Our plasma processing transforms rectangular steel plates into components of specified shape and size, which are semi-finished and fit for fabrication by our customers.
  • Oxy cutting services: Oxy cutting processing services are ideal for heavy gauge steel plate.
  • Bevel, drilling & etching: BlueScope Distribution offers bevelling, drilling and etching services to our customers.

To learn more about our range of steel processing services, please visit our processing page.


  • Project Management solutions: Using our in-house processing capability, our BlueScope Distribution teams are experienced in slitting large steel coils supplied from the BlueScope mill to suit the project requirements of our customers.
  • Just-in-time delivery: Our teams help ensure our customers’ projects run smoothly by working together with them on projects from start to finish, to coordinate the delivery of their steel products where and when they are needed.
  • Consignment Stock: At BlueScope Distribution, we use our size and reach to give customers the ability to have ready to use steel at their fingertips with our consignment stock options.
  • Forecasting support: At BlueScope Distribution, we work closely with customers to identify purchasing trends so that we can take steps to help improve material flow and waste reduction.
  • End-to-end supply chain: We offer our customers end-to-end steel project management solutions and can deliver personalised supply chain co-ordination. 
  • B2B integration: BlueScope Distribution offers B2B integration solutions that make steel transactions easier through digital streamlining of operations.
  • Steel efficiency reviews®: The Steel Efficiency Review is a unique offering from BlueScope Distribution, where we partner with customers to identify smarter, more time and cost-efficient ways of conducting their business.

The steel making process

Industries we service

BlueScope Distribution is an Australian steel supplier, processor and solutions provider, focused on providing quality steel to customers that operate across a range of industries. In addition to providing quality steel products, we also offer in-house processing capabilities and a wide range of value-add services to our customers. BlueScope Distribution has a network of branches across the country, in both regional and metro areas, which gives us the ability to supply steel products to hundreds of businesses across the country.

The following are some examples of the key industries that we service. However, we can provide steel products to meet the requirements of customers across various other industries. If you operate in an industry that is not listed below, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team to find out more about our product range.

Our Locations

BlueScope Distribution has a network of branches supplying steel Australia-wide. We work to provide you with quality steel and aluminium products matched with exceptional customer service.

We have metro branches in Sydney, Melbourne, BrisbanePerth and Adelaide which service capital cities along with several strategically located regional branches. We also have the capability to service customers in the Northern Territory. Find your local branch here.

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