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Our BlueScope Distribution Adelaide team is your single source for all your steel, aluminium, processing and project management needs. Our team can provide the steel and aluminium products you need to meet your manufacturing, fabricating, construction, building and mining needs. Servicing projects in infrastructure, defence, renewable energy, manufacturing, building, and agriculture, you can access a wide range of steel and aluminium products with the processing services to match.

As part of the BlueScope group of businesses, we supply BlueScope manufactured products, such as COLORBOND® steel, ZINCALUME® steel, TRUECORE® steel, GALVABOND® steel, XLERPLATE® steel and TRU-SPEC® steel. And through our network of quality suppliers we can also supply aluminium, structural steels and quenched and tempered plate products.

BlueScope Distribution Adelaide also supplies steel and aluminium across the Northern Territory. We service Darwin, Alice Springs and the wider Northern Territory. Find out more:


Our Adelaide team offers a range of products, including steel sheet and coil products, steel plate, coil plate, quenched and tempered steel plate, boiler plate, structural steel, merchant bar including steel angle, flat bar, round bar, tube and pipe steel products, and structural steel beams including universal beams, universal columns, and welded beams. We match your requirements with project management services to ensure your needs are met every time. Our BlueScope Distribution Adelaide team can provide a comprehensive range of aluminium products, including standard aluminium products, geometric and customer exclusive extrusions, aluminium sheet, aluminium coil, aluminium tread plate and aluminium plate in a range of alloys and tempers. Our team has the unique capability to create a 3D printed prototype of any component that you may require, based on a drawing you can provide. This enables us to test that your component is fit for its purpose before you make any major project investments, ensuring cost efficiency.  

Brands we stock

  • COLORBOND® steel
  • ZINCALUME® steel
  • TRUECORE® steel
  • GALVABOND® steel
  • XLERPLATE® steel
  • TRU-SPEC® steel

Sheet & coil

  • Cold Rolled
  • Hot Rolled
  • Metallic Coated
  • Pre-Painted


  • Coil Plate
  • Floorplate
  • Quenched and tempered plate
  • Lase plate

To see the latest BlueScope steel products datasheets, visit


Extruded products

  • Building & other sections
  • Marine sections
  • Transport sections

Rolled products

  • Aluminium Sheet & Coil
  • Aluminium Plate & Tread plate

Merchant bar

  • Angles
  • Rounds
  • Flats
  • Square

Structural steel tube

We deliver structural steel tube to meet all of our customers’ needs at a competitive cost. Our range of structural steel tube includes:



BlueScope Distribution Adelaide has the ability and flexibility to respond quickly to sudden changes in design, processing, volumes or scheduling. Our personalised service ensures that we attend to our customers’ needs and are able to provide them the resources they need. Through material availability and timely delivery, we assist our clients’ continuity of operations.

BlueScope Distribution supports the Industry Advocate’s SA Product Register initiative and we have a range of SA products in production every week at our facilities at 46-54 Cheviot Road, Salisbury, Adelaide SA.


At BlueScope Distribution Adelaide, you can source quality accredited steel and aluminium products. Through our ISO 9001 quality management system accreditation, we are able to reduce compliance risk and provide assurance for your business. Material traceability and supporting test certificates to match, providing consistently high quality and peace of mind, so products purchased are fit for its purpose. BlueScope manufactured products comply with relevant Australian standards.

Supply chain management

Our teams have experience dealing with large scale complex projects, enabling us to assist with supply chain management. We understand projects in infrastructure, defence, construction and other industries require specific skill sets, which is why we offer our expertise in stock management, supply chain efficiency and inventory optimisation programs, which aids our clients to reduce working capital without compromising stock availability.

  • Rectangular Hollow Sections
  • Square Hollow Sections

At BlueScope Distribution Adelaide, we work closely with our customers business to become a valuable supply partner for your team, providing technical resources and project management. We aim to be your steel and aluminium supply partner and provide the right service and product expertise to deliver your project, on time, and on budget.The additional services that we provide are what sets us apart from other Adelaide steel suppliers:

  • Steel Efficiency Review®: Without any added costs, The Steel Efficiency Review® is a one of a kind product offering that we treat our customers to. It is a unique study of our clients’ business and steel processing flow, wherein we analyse and identify areas of improvement with regards to steel use and waste.
  • Our list of processing services include slitting, shearing, guillotining, re-Coiling, aluminium router cutting, laser cutting, drilling, marking and sawing. Learn more about your options when you speak to our representatives today.

SA product register

Bluescope Distribution supports the Industry Advocate’s SA Product Register. All steel products are supplied, distributed and supported by our SA Team at Wingfield.Our team is located at Lot 1/ 69A Wingfield Rd, Wingfield, SA 5013. Get in touch with BlueScope Distribution Adelaide today for more information.*Disclaimer: get in contact with your local branch about processing as it may vary.

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