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BlueScope Distribution provides Australian businesses with convenient access to steel and aluminium products. We proudly supply structural steel tube manufactured to the highest standards and of excellent quality to suit a wide variety of end-uses.

Our experience and expertise ensure that we deliver structural steel tube to meet all of our customers’ needs at a competitive cost. With branches spread across Australia in both regional and metropolitan centres, we are well positioned to provide steel tube products to a diverse range of customers, from independent home builders to large-scale commercial operators, and across industries such as transport and construction.


Structural steel tube is a hollow section of steel manufactured using hot rolls, manipulated to the desired shape/dimensions, and then welded in place to create one uniform length of steel. It has a low weight-to-strength ratio and can be easily produced to a range of specifications suitable for any project.

The standardised nature of hollow steel sections allows for ease of use as the uniform dimensions, shapes and load-bearing capacity of specific tube does not vary. Furthermore, thanks to these traits, hollow steel sections lend themselves to relatively simple modification and assembly for structural purposes, making them a popular material of preference in construction.

BlueScope Distribution’s experienced team can assist businesses in identifying whether structural tubing is the correct choice for their projects, determine which hollow steel section might be best suited for use, and assist in delivering the product as required.

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By offering in-house processing services, BlueScope Distribution adds value to our customers’ operations, provides flexibility in terms of project design and execution, and ultimately ensures that our customers can achieve what they need with steel products that they can depend upon. Additionally, we allow our customers the ability to leverage these benefits with added efficiency by ensuring their steel sections arrive where they need to be, ready to be immediately deployed.

The processing services that we offer include:

  • Plasma Beamline processing: Our plasma beamline processing capabilities offer our customers a range of structural steel processing options with a high level of accuracy and efficiency. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can supply customers with semi-finished components ready for final fabrication and installation. Contact your local branch to enquire about this service.
  • Cut to length: Cut to length tube products are available through our direct to public outlets, ideal for trades, home improvement and handyman jobs.

To learn more about our range of steel processing services, please visit our processing page.


Our team has experience in supply chain management, meaning that we can help your organisation achieve just-in-time delivery of goods, management of stock, and assistance in ensuring that your project site receives the products that it needs, on time and on budget.

As a part of BlueScope Distribution’s efforts to deliver the best results for our customers, we have also implemented a program called The Steel Efficiency Review (SER). This program strives to find ways to increase the efficiencies of our customers’ manufacturing and production operations, and ultimately encourage the successful and responsible management of steel products.

The SER is offered free of charge to all of our customers and includes liaisons with our trained specialists and consultants, as well as a follow-up report that makes recommendations as to how you can best optimise your operations.

Our trained team is always ready to discuss your needs with you. To learn more about how BlueScope Distribution can enhance the success of your operations through our steel products, processing services and value-add solutions, get in touch with your local branch. Our metro branches are strategically located in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, and we also have many rural branches to provide customers who live out-with these locations with high quality steel products. 

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