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BlueScope Distribution is a single source product, processing and solutions provider of steel and aluminium products.

With a national network of distribution sites Australia-wide, as well as an export division for overseas customers, BlueScope Distribution provides access to a full range of aluminium products, including aluminium plate, and aluminium treadplate, in a number of alloys and tempers. Our range of aluminium plate and treadplate products are ideal for a wide variety of end-use applications.

At BlueScope Distribution, we do more than supply aluminium plate products. We also provide our customers with access to a range of aluminium processing capabilities and can provide aluminium plate and aluminium treadplate products router cut to the size that our customers require.

With the knowledge, experience and technical knowhow in aluminium products, our BlueScope Distribution teams can give our customers specialist advice on the aluminium plate and aluminium treadplate products that are best suited to meet their project requirements.

DNV certified aluminium products

BlueScope Distribution has the ability to supply customers with various DNV certified aluminium sheet, aluminium plate and aluminium extrusion products. Our knowledgeable teams have the requisite industry expertise and understanding to offer customised aluminium products and processing solutions to customers in a range of industries including marine, transport, defence, and specialised government product sectors that are seeking DNV certification.

aluminium plate

Distribution member of the Australian Aluminium Council

BlueScope Distribution are proud to be a distribution member of the Australian Aluminium Council – the peak association representing the Australian aluminium industry. Our participation in the Council enables our team to stay ahead of the latest developments and updates related to aluminium products, which we communicate to our customers to keep them well-informed.

Certified non-combustible AS1530.1 Aluminium Product

BlueScope Distribution gives customers access to a range of certified non-combustible aluminium products that meet Australian standards for the combustibility test for materials. These products are available ex stock and can be customised to suit the specific project requirements. BlueScope Distribution’s range of mill-finish aluminium sheet, coil and plate product, up to 6.30mm thickness is independently tested in Australia by CSIRO in accordance with AS 1530.1-1994.

Based on the test criteria laid out in Clause 3.4 of AS 1530.1-1994*, the material is officially classified as non-combustible. This means your façade and cladding manufacturing requirements can benefit from further certainty and certification, ensuring your projects run to specification requirements.


Aluminium plate

  • Grade 5083 H321 / 5083 DNV H116 / 5083 DNV H321 plate: Used in high strength structural applications for welded marine applications and road transport vehicles.
  • Grade 5383 DNV H321 plate: An upgrade on 5083, 5383 is commonly used to strengthen aluminium structure including transport and marine applications from ships, boat hulls and superstructures. 

Aluminium treadplate

  • Grade 5052 O (5 bar) treadplate: Used for a wide variety of diverse applications including step treads, shop floors, marine foot traffic and decorative bar fronts. 
  • Grade 3003 H22 – bright propeller pattern plate: For general purpose use including decorative purposes and trimming due to its highly polished finish. 

Finish options

Our team can offer the following finish options for our aluminium extrusion products:

  • Linishing
  • Powder coating
  • Roller applied painting
  • Anodising
  • Bright finishing
  • Media blasting
  • Polishing


BlueScope Distribution has a range of in-house processing capabilities that enable us to cut aluminium plate and treadplate to the necessary size and shape that our customers need. 

The range of processing services that we offer for our range of aluminium products include:

  • Aluminium routing: We have an in-house aluminium routing capability that enables us to cut aluminium to custom sizes. We can also drill and etch the aluminium for our customers to help with assembly and identification of the aluminium when it comes to fabrication. 
  • Laser cutting: We can arrange laser cutting for aluminium plate and treadplate when required by customers.
  • Protective PE film application: In order to protect aluminium plate and treadplate during transportation and processing, we are able to offer PE Application, which is a type of protective layer.
  • Aluminium forming: Using the application of force to bend or stretch aluminium plate into a certain shape.

To learn more about our range of aluminium processing services, please visit our processing page.


  • Aluminium kitting: One of the key value-add solutions that we offer our aluminium customers is aluminium kitting. This means that we pre-cut the aluminium plate and treadplate, mark it, and deliver it to the customer in grouped sections to assist with assembly of the material. Customers across industries enjoy access to this service that ultimately saves them time. 

Our team can also provide customers a range of other aluminium solutions they require, including:

  • Project management
  • Just in time delivery
  • Stock management strategies
  • Forecasting support
  • End to end supply chain
  • B2B integration

To learn more about our range of aluminium solutions, please visit our solutions page.

Industries We Service

Commercial & architecture

BlueScope Distribution provides businesses in the commercial and architecture sectors with a wide array of aluminium products, comprising aluminium sheet, aluminium plate and treadplate, and aluminium extrusions. In addition to our diverse selection of aluminium products, we offer a single point of contact for all your aluminium needs, as well as various value-added solutions. Our teams recognise the importance of timely delivery of aluminium products to meet project deadlines and we can provide assistance in managing supply. Our customers can benefit from our sizable inventory of time-sensitive materials, exceptional inventory control, and warehousing processes.


Aluminium is an adaptable material with diverse applications in the marine industry. Its light weight, high resistance to corrosion in marine environments, and exceptional strength-to-weight ratio make it particularly suitable for end-use applications in this sector. BlueScope Distribution supplies aluminium to the marine industry and our team have a wealth of experience in handling large-scale projects within the sector. Our teams collaborate seamlessly to oversee the supply and processing of aluminium products, guaranteeing adherence to our customers’ project timelines.

The aluminium products we provide to the marine sector are utilised in the following applications:

Aluminium plate & treadplate product applications

  • Tinnies
  • Personal watercraft
  • Fishing vessels
  • Commercial vessels
  • Pontoons & platforms


BlueScope Distribution offers high-quality aluminium products, processing, and solutions to businesses across Australia’s transport and automotive sector. Our customers typically utilise our range of aluminium products as part of their own manufacturing or fabrication processes. Our teams are dedicated to providing value-added solutions that positively impact our customers’ overall business operations, such as project management, just-in-time delivery, end-to-end supply chain management, and B2B integration.

The aluminium products we supply to the transport sector are typically applied in the following end-use areas:

Aluminium plate & treadplate product applications

  • Trucks & tippers walls & floors
  • Tankers and bulk haulage plates

Leisure & recreation

BlueScope Distribution provides aluminium products to businesses across Australia for diverse end-use applications. We offer a selection of aluminium products that are employed in the production of leisure and recreational vehicles, including toolboxes, trays, canopies, and componentry. As well as supplying aluminium, we also provide a variety of value-added services to our customers. We offer a single point of contact for all our clients’ aluminium needs, and possess an array of in-house processing capabilities, as well as maintaining a significant inventory of time-sensitive materials, coupled with exceptional inventory control and warehousing processes.

The aluminium products we provide to the leisure and recreation sector are typically employed in the following end-use applications:

Aluminium plate & treadplate product applications

  • Caravan 1.4mm Treadplate
  • 4WD Accessories
  • Canopies

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Aluminium plate frequently asked questions:

Aluminium plates are metal plates known for their multi-functions and durability. They are used in various applications and in different industries, due to their high ductility level, which refers to how various shapes can form a curvature without breaking. On top of their ductility level, they also have a low-density level, making them lightweight.

Aluminium plate is commonly used for:

  • Transport, trailers and tippers, rail and automotive
  • Boats
  • Building systems and sun control
  • General engineering
  • Electrical boxes and housing 
  • Aquaculture and water management
  • Fixings and brackets

Aluminium plate has excellent corrosion resistance due to the formation of aluminium oxide, which adheres to the metal, eliminating the need for protective coatings.

Thickness level (also known as gauge) is the key difference between aluminium plate and sheet. Aluminium sheets are thinner in thickness than aluminium plates. Aluminium sheets range up to 5.99mm in thickness, aluminium plates have a thickness level of 6.0mm or greater.

Aluminium plates have a thickness level greater than or equal to 6.0mm. BlueScope Distribution stock Aluminium Plate products ranging from 6mm up to 50mm. We can also supply any thickness greater than 50mm through our carefully selected partner brands.

Aluminium can be as strong or soft as the project or application requires. Aluminium is available in a range of alloys and tempered to suit the application. Please ask our sales team for more information about the differences between our steel and aluminium sheet range.

Fabrication is referred to as the process in which products are created through cutting, bending and/or assembly. Here are some aluminium plate types suitable for fabrication:

  • Aluminium 3003 offers excellent corrosion-resistance, moderate strength and top-notch formability. It can undergo processes such as welding and machining across various industries including architecture, automotive and transport industries. 
  • Aluminium 5005 is the most common Australian alloy offering easy of manufacture, good corrosion resistance, simple welding solutions and the most accessible alloy in Australia. 
  • Aluminium 5052 has excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in the marine industry for welding and machining processes to construct fuel tanks, containers and pressure vessels.
  • Aluminium 5083 has excellent weldability and increased durability, essential for small to large vessels where high stress, minimal weight management and yield gain. It is commonly used in applications that include transport, defence, mining, agriculture, and many more.

Aluminium plates are used across various industries in Australia, requiring a variety of sheet sizes for many end-use applications. At BlueScope Distribution, we stock most standard sheet sizes (see below); and offer DNV certified products up to 2200mm wide and 11800mm in length. Our team also have the processing capability to cut and supply aluminium plate products into your desired shapes and sizes, creating ready to assemble components.  

Standard aluminium plate sizes:

  • 1200mm x 2400mm
  • 1200mm x 6000mm
  • 1500mm x 3000mm
  • 1500mm x 6000mm

Custom sizes and shapes also available up to 2200mm wide and 11800mm in length.

BlueScope Distribution can provide a range of conformance documentation to satisfy your project requirements, including test certificates, mill certificates, letters of conformity and 3rd party certification. Speak to our team about your project requirements to learn more.

The information on this page is not an exhaustive statement of all relevant information and is provided by way of general information only. BlueScope Distribution Pty Ltd makes no representation or warranty in relation to this data sheet document or the products or processes it describes, and takes no responsibility for any adverse consequences of any nature which arise as a result of reliance on the information or recommendations contained in it. You must make your own assessment of the information and recommendations contained on this page, including when necessary seeking specific advice as to the suitably of the products or processes featured on this page for the purpose for which, and the manner in which, you propose to use them. This may involve further independent analysis and testing.