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BlueScope Distribution provides a wide range of premium quality steel and aluminium products, including Electrical Resistance Welding (ERW) steel tube. Our mission is to provide Australian businesses of all sizes, with a reliable, and efficient supply of steel products to meet their requirements.

Our team provides individualised solutions, catering to customers who work across a range of industries including construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and transport sectors. We are positioned to be your single source product and processing solution supplier for all your steel needs. Our many branches across both regional and metro areas of Australia provide a wide range of ERW steel tube products.

In addition to our range of quality products, our team also provides convenient, value-add services, such as processing of steel tube, and operational support services such as project management, consignment stock solutions, and supply chain management.

By combining our supply of high-quality steel products, our processing, and operational support services, BlueScope Distribution offers an integrated steel solution that delivers value to our customers.


ERW tube is a variety of steel tube that is made from sections of steel that are heated and rolled into shape, then welded into position to form a seam lengthways along the section.

Unlike other forms of tube such as regular welded pipe, or spiral weld pipe, ERW tube is distinct in that the seams formed from the weld are invisible, meaning it does not need to be worked further in order to hide the seam in instances that it should not be visible.

As ERW tube is created using this unique, seamless manufacturing process, it is less suited for heavy load bearing uses than regular varieties of structural tube. ERW steel tube is often used in less strenuous contexts, such as automotive parts, fencing, scaffolding and balustrades.


Our team can provide you access to a range of steel tube processing options and also offer cut-to-length services. We can tailor your supply of ERW steel tube to the specifications that your project requires.

In offering these ERW tube processing services, we believe that we advance our commitment to provide premium integrated steel solutions for our clients. These services help customers to realise increased efficiency in their supply chains, cut down on project lead times, and ultimately pass on improved outcomes to their end customers.

The processing services that we offer include:

  • Plasma Beamline processing: Our plasma beamline processing capabilities offer our customers a range of structural steel processing options with a high level of accuracy and efficiency. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can supply customers with semi-finished components ready for final fabrication and installation. Contact your local branch to enquire about this service.
  • Cut to length: Cut to length tube products are available through our direct to public outlets, ideal for trades, home improvement and handyman jobs.

To find out more about the tailored processing services that our team can provide, contact your local branch, or contact BlueScope Distribution online to discuss your ERW steel tube needs today.


BlueScope Distribution specialises in project management, supply chain management, just-in-time delivery, consignment stock, and more. By integrating our supply, processing, and operations services, we offer our customers access to a large portion of the steel product value chain in one convenient provider.

As we understand the needs of Australian businesses, we believe that every part of this value chain is of great importance and that by carrying out these processes, we provide our customers the freedom to do what they do best.

To source integrated ERW steel tube solutions for your business, whether a local fabricator and fitter or a nationwide construction company executing large-scale projects, speak to BlueScope Distribution today.

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