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BlueScope Distribution is your convenient single-source steel supplier, processor, and solutions provider. Our product offerings include a wide range of steel tube, which, among other types, includes Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS) steel tube. We take pride in the quality of our products and supply our customers with only the highest quality RHS steel.

At BlueScope Distribution, we not only meet our customers’ RHS steel needs, but we also assist with a range of additional services relating to structural steel tube that can benefit their overall operations. These additional services include processing of steel sections so that the product is delivered as you need it, as well as operational and logistic support such as supply chain and project management.

Whether you are an independent operator or a large business, our team can provide you with the RHS steel tube required for your project, to the specifications you require.


RHS steel tube is created using the same hot rolled coil process as other types of structural steel tube. It is differentiated by its unique rectangular shape. The flat surfaces and clean lines of these sections make working with this material for joins and fabrications efficient and economical, lending to their popular use in construction and architectural applications.

RHS steel tube strikes the balance between ease of use, versatility, affordability, and performance in terms of its strength and weight-bearing capacity. This makes RHS steel tube a popular choice of structural material across a variety of sectors, including transport, and construction.

As well as offering RHS steel tube in a range of dimensions, we can also provide a choice of finishes including painted, raw or hot-dip galvanised finish.


Our trained and well-equipped staff can assist with preparing your RHS steel tube in the specification required. This helps businesses cut down on lead times, operational complexity, and ultimately deliver finished projects more efficiently, at lower cost, all the while passing on these efficiencies to their end customers.

With processing capabilities, we can cater to a wider variety of project demands. we can cut sections to length, allowing our customers the flexibility they need to complete projects as desired.

The processing services that we offer include:

  • Plasma Beamline processing: Our plasma beamline processing capabilities offer our customers a range of structural steel processing options with a high level of accuracy and efficiency. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can supply customers with semi-finished components ready for final fabrication and installation. Contact your local branch to enquire about this service.
  • Cut to length: Cut to length tube products are available through our direct to public outlets, ideal for trades, home improvement and handyman jobs.

Our team can discuss your processing needs with you to process your RHS steel tube to lend the greatest operational efficiency to your business. This means that when you source your structural tube through BlueScope Distribution, you not only receive the steel products that you need, but you are as well-equipped as possible to execute your project.


We help our customers ensure they are not only getting access to the materials that they need for their project but are realising the greatest operational efficiencies possible while doing so. The solutions that we offer range from project management to just-in-time delivery.

By providing Australian businesses access to high quality RHS steel tube product and processing solutions, we help our customers to find the time to do what they do best and grow their business.

For more information, contact our team to discuss our services and how they can provide the greatest benefit to your business and your own customers.

Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS)

Section: Rectangular (RHS)
Standard: AS/NZS 1163
Grade: C350L0
  • Some 5.0mm ALLGAL® sections available ex-rolling. Minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) apply.
  • Non standard sizes, surface finishes and lengths available subject to enquiry. Minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) apply.
  • C450L0 grade available for some sizes, subject to enquiry. Minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) apply.
  • NOPC & OILED available subject to enquiry.

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