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At BlueScope Distribution, we are your convenient single-source aluminium suppliers, processor and solutions provider. We specialise in providing a wide range of high-quality aluminium products from our carefully selected partner brands to businesses across Australia and internationally through our export division.

While providing quality aluminium products is our key focus, we also pride ourselves on offering in-house processing capabilities as well as a variety of value-add solutions to assist our customers. Our locally based aluminium teams are specialists in our product range and can advise customers on the best aluminium solutions for their end application.

We are national aluminium suppliers with an extensive network of branches across both metro and regional locations. We are also international aluminium suppliers, with representation in select overseas locations. Our BlueScope Distribution teams supply aluminium to a number of industries, including commercial building, marine, transport, defence and leisure.

Aluminium Extrusions

Aluminium Plate & Treadplate

Aluminium Sheet & Coil

DNV certified aluminium products

BlueScope Distribution can supply customers with a range of DNV certified aluminium sheet and aluminium plate and aluminium extrusion products. Our teams have industry expertise and technical knowledge to provide aluminium product and processing solutions to customers seeking DNV certified materials for their ships, marine, transport, defence and specialised government projects.

aluminium suppliers

Distribution member of the Australian Aluminium Council

BlueScope Distribution are proud to be a distribution member of the Australian Aluminium Council – the peak association representing the Australian aluminium industry. Our involvement with the Council enables our team to stay informed and provide our customers with the latest updates related to the aluminium products they use.

Certified non-combustible AS1530.1 Aluminium Product

With BlueScope Distribution, your business has access to a range of certified non-combustible aluminium products available ex stock and customised to suit your project requirements. Independently tested in Australia by CSIRO in accordance with AS 1530.1-1994, BlueScope Distribution’s range of mill-finish aluminium sheet, coil and plate product, up to 6.30mm thickness, meets Australian standards for the combustibility test for materials.

Officially, the material is NOT deemed combustible according to the test criteria specified in Clause 3.4 of AS 1530.1-1994*. This means your façade and cladding manufacturing requirements can benefit from further certainty and certification, ensuring your projects run to specification requirements.


Aluminium suppliers of sheet & coil

  • Aluminium sheet products: We provide aluminium sheet in different grades for general purpose sheet metal applications as well as specialised uses such as marine applications that required increased corrosive resistance. You have the choice of paper interleaved, naked or PE (Polyethylene) protective film to suit any application
  • Aluminium coil products: Our teams around Australia can provide customer with both mother coil or slit coil as required for applications including air conditioning, transport, marine, manufacturing, fabrication, agriculture and general industrial raw material and finished products.

Aluminium suppliers of plate & treadplate

  • Aluminium plate: BlueScope Distribution provides aluminium plate products that can be used in high strength structural applications, welded marine applications and road transport vehicles. Furthermore, our commodity plates can be used in a variety of general manufacturing and fabrication applications 
  • Aluminium treadplate: At BlueScope Distribution, we supply aluminium tread plate for a wide variety of applications including step treads, shop floors, marine foot traffic, and decorative bar fronts. Our range includes both 5052 O (5 Bar) mill finish tread pattern plate and 3003 H22 bright propellor plate in a range of gauges and dimensions.  

Aluminium extrusion suppliers

  • Aluminium extrusion: We sell a wide range of standard geometric, standard industry specific and customer exclusive aluminium extrusion shapes in a variety of alloy & temper combinations as well as finishes. Our range of standard geometric aluminum extrusion product profiles include flat bar, angle, channel, round bar, tee section, tube, oval, square hollow and rectangular hollow.


Sheet, plate & treadplate aluminium processing services

  • Aluminium routing: BlueScope Distribution can square or bevel cut aluminium into extremely complex shapes with precision, ease and accuracy. Our capability includes drilling and etching (otherwise known as marking) the product which helps with material use, assembly, and identification. 
  • Aluminium laser cutting: Our teams can arrange laser cutting serviced depending on customer needs.
  • Aluminium slitting and shearing: BlueScope Distribution have the in-house ability to cut aluminium coil up to 4mm thick down to custom sheets sizes up to 6 metres in length. Slitting services are also available to cut coils into narrower sizes.
  • Protection film: We offer the option of applying a temporary PE (Polyethylene) protective film to the aluminium to minimise quality risks, reduce product waste and improve processing efficiency.

Aluminium extrusion processing services

  • Aluminium profile 3D prototyping: Our teams can test aluminium component designs by providing 3D prototypes produced from the drawings supplied by our customers. 
  • CNC precision product fabrication by machining: including square or bevel cutting, mill, shape drill, tap, notch, slot & punch, swage, knurl, digital print  
  • Bracket, corner stakes, connector cutting
  • Square & mitre cutting
  • Precision cut to length
  • Extrusion routing
  • Edge deburring

To learn more about our range of steel processing services, please visit our processing page.


  • Kitting services: We can supply aluminium to our customers in kit form, in order to provide efficiencies for our customers when they are assembling the final aluminium products. Our kits can include value added services to multiple gauge, grade, dimensional sheet, plate and treadplate products, complemented by our aluminium standard and exclusive extrusions.
  • Project management solutions: Our BlueScope Distribution teams are experienced in handling and processing aluminium coil products to suit the project requirements of our customers.
  • Just-in-time delivery: Our teams help to ensure our clients projects are running smoothly by removing bottlenecks, reducing WIP, improving production efficiencies and coordinating the delivery of aluminium just-in-time.
  • Stock management strategies: Our sales teams discuss and plan your holistic aluminium portfolio and tailor one or multiple strategies to suit your business needs.
  • Forecasting support: BlueScope Distribution works with customers to help them better understand their purchasing trends, future requirements and project injections to smooth manufacturing processes and reduce bottlenecks.
  • End-to-end supply chain: BlueScope Distribution offers customers end-to-end aluminium project management solutions to deliver personalised supply chain co-ordination.
  • B2B integration: Our team can arrange business-to-business system integration requirements with customers, uncovering ways to manage system automated stock management solutions.

Industries serviced by our aluminium suppliers

BlueScope Distribution is an Australian aluminium distributor and solutions provider. We are committed to supporting our customers through providing a comprehensive range of aluminium products combined with in-house processing capabilities and a wide range of value-add services. With branches in regional and metro Australia, we are aluminium suppliers for thousands of businesses across the country and internationally spanning a wide range of industries.

The following are some examples of the key industries that we service. However, we can provide aluminium products to meet the requirements of customers across various other industries, with our national network of BlueScope Distribution branches each stocking a diverse and customisable stock portfolio. If you operate in an industry that is not listed below, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team to find out more about our product range.

Our aluminium suppliers locations

BlueScope Distribution has a network of branches supplying aluminium Australia-wide. We work to provide you with quality steel and aluminium products matched with exceptional customer service.

We have metro branches in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide which service capital cities along with several strategically located regional branches. We also have the capability to service customers in the Northern Territory. Find your local branch here.

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Aluminium suppliers frequently asked questions:

There are different aluminium alloys because aluminium, in its pure form, has certain limitations and characteristics that may not be suitable for all applications. By alloying aluminium with other elements, engineers and manufacturers can tailor its properties to meet specific requirements, such as:

  • Enhanced strength
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Lightweight properties
  • Formability and weldability
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Cost considerations.

Aluminium tempers, or aluminium temper designations, refer to the specific heat treatment and mechanical processing applied to aluminium alloys to achieve desired properties and characteristics. There are different aluminium tempers because these treatments allow manufacturers and engineers to tailor the material’s properties to meet specific requirements and applications.

Yes – for aluminium rolled products our products comply with AS/NZS 1734:1997 Aluminium and aluminium alloys—Flat sheet, coiled sheet and plate (re-confirmed in 2020). For aluminium extruded products our products comply with AS/NZS 1866:1997 – Aluminium and aluminium alloys – Extruded rod, bar, solid and hollow shapes (re-confirmed in 2020).

Our range of mill-finish aluminum sheet, coil, and plate products, up to 6.30mm thickness, has been independently tested in accordance with AS 1530.1-1994 standards by CSIRO in Australia, ensuring compliance with Australian combustibility test requirements for materials.

For more a more comprehensive listing of all of the Australian standards that each product grade complies with, please reference our aluminium product data sheets.

We provide a wide range of high-quality aluminium products to businesses across Australia and internationally through our extensive network of branches spanning both metropolitan, regional areas and export. Our dedicated teams at each of our BlueScope Distribution branches provide aluminium products, services and solutions to clients in various sectors, including commercial architectural and construction, marine, transportation, defence, leisure, manufacturing and fabrication.

DNV certification for aluminium is crucial because it ensures that Aluminium products meet the performance standard required for marine structures and are of high quality, durable, reliable, and fit for purpose. 

Our DNV certification Aluminium products have undergone rigorous testing and verification to ensure that they are more likely to be able to withstand extreme environmental factors that can compromise Marine and offshore structures, reducing the risk of accidents and failures.

Aluminium sheet frequently asked questions:

BlueScope Distribution provides a variety of processing services for our aluminium products, which enables us to deliver customised and processed aluminium items that cater to our customers’ specific application requirements.

Our extensive range of processing services for our aluminium products includes:

  • Aluminium Routing: Our in-house aluminium routing allows us to cut aluminium to precise shapes and dimensions, as well as perform a range of CNC operations including drilling and etching to facilitate our customers in utilising, assembling, and identifying the aluminium.
  • Laser Cutting: We can arrange aluminium laser cutting services to meet the unique needs of our customers.
  • Slitting and Shearing: Our in-house capabilities enable us to shear aluminium coils into custom sheet sizes, accommodating thicknesses of up to 4mm and lengths of up to 6 meters. We also offer slitting services to create narrower coil sizes from larger coils.
  • PE Application: This in-house capability involves adding a protective PE film to the aluminium that helps protect the material during transportation and processing
  • Aluminium Forming: We can arrange aluminium forming which involves using force to bend or stretch an aluminium sheet into a specific shape.

Aluminium sheet frequently asked questions:

We can source and supply the following choices for finishing options on our aluminium sheet products:

  • Linishing
  • Powder coating
  • Spray applied painting
  • Roller applied painting
  • Anodising
  • Bright finishing
  • Media blasting
  • Polishing.

Aluminium plate frequently asked questions:

Aluminium plate frequently asked questions:

BlueScope Distribution has the capacity to deliver a range of aluminium processing services for numerous businesses across various industries. We take pride in our capability to provide customers with an all-encompassing solution for meeting their aluminium demands through our assortment of in-house processing services, including:

  • Aluminium Routing: Our in-house aluminium routing allows us to cut aluminium to precise shapes and dimensions, as well as perform a range of CNC operations including drilling and etching to facilitate our customers in utilising, assembling, and identifying the aluminium.
  • Laser Cutting: We can arrange aluminium laser cutting services to meet the unique needs of our customers.
  • PE Application: This in-house capability involves adding a protective layer to the aluminium that safeguards the material during transportation and processing.
  • Aluminium Forming: We can arrange aluminium forming which involves using force to bend or stretch an aluminium sheet into a specific shape.

Quality Assurance options for aluminium plate typically involve a combination of industry standards, certifications, testing procedures, and quality control measures to ensure that the aluminium plates meet specific quality and performance criteria.

Some examples of quality assurance options include DNV, NATA, Bureau Veritas & Lloyd’s Register.

Aluminium plate frequently asked questions:

Aluminium extrusion frequently asked questions:

Aluminium extrusion is a versatile manufacturing process that involves shaping aluminium profiles by forcing the metal through a die, resulting in various cross-sectional shapes. The following are some of the key benefits of aluminium extrusion:

  • Lightweight
  • Strength-to-Weight Ratio
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Design Flexibility
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Recyclable.

At BlueScope Distribution, we take pride in providing our customers with a range of value-added aluminium processing services to ensure we deliver the products they require in the exact form they require.

Our aluminium extrusion processing capabilities include a comprehensive range of services:

  • CNC precision robotic fabrication via a router cutting, including square or bevel cutting, mill, shape drill, tap, notch, slot & punch, swage, knurl and digital print
  • Bracket, corner stakes and connector cutting
  • Square & mitre cutting
  • Precision cutting to length
  • Extrusion routing
  • Edge deburring.

Yes – at BlueScope Distribution, we have a range of standard aluminium extrusion profiles that you can choose from for various applications. However, if you require a custom aluminium extrusion profile that is not readily available within our standard offerings, contact your local team and we can help you with design and production of custom profiles.

The information on this page is not an exhaustive statement of all relevant information and is provided by way of general information only. BlueScope Distribution Pty Ltd makes no representation or warranty in relation to this data sheet document or the products or processes it describes, and takes no responsibility for any adverse consequences of any nature which arise as a result of reliance on the information or recommendations contained in it. You must make your own assessment of the information and recommendations contained on this page, including when necessary seeking specific advice as to the suitably of the products or processes featured on this page for the purpose for which, and the manner in which, you propose to use them. This may involve further independent analysis and testing.