Quality steel and aluminium solutions

We are BlueScope Distribution, a market leading steel and aluminium distributor and solutions provider. We are part of the broader BlueScope group of businesses, servicing a wide range of industries in Australia.

Our team is committed to providing a diversified range of products, high quality processing capability and a broad range of services, which help support our customers to find the freedom they need to do what they do best. With a national network of branches across metro locations and major regional towns, BlueScope Distribution can help co-ordinate a full suite of product, processing and project management requirements that our customers need.

Achieving project success

We are proudly Australian and work to provide you with quality steel and aluminium products matched with exceptional customer service. Our Value Proposition is based on the following key product and service offerings:


Experience the ease of dealing with a single-source steel and aluminium product supplier, processor and service solutions provider, with the efficiency of doing business with one point of contact, one platform and one set of paperwork – saving you time and money.


Our skilled people with depth of industry expertise, technical know-how, and local knowledge strive to provide a unique level of customer understanding. Matched with our responsive service, technical support and problem-solving approach, our team has your business needs covered.


The strength of our steel and aluminium products made for tough Australian conditions aim to deliver industry confidence. Our product certification, high testing standards, streamlined logistics and reliable delivery timeframes provide our customers the assurance they need.


We are proudly Australian and part of the broader BlueScope group of businesses.  Our diversified range of steel and aluminium products, processing capability and project management solutions are focused on helping our customers find the freedom to do what they do best. Through our local supply chain, we provide the certainty to meet tight deadlines.