Welded beams and welded columns from BlueScope Distribution

As a part of BlueScope Distribution’s complete offering of steel and aluminium products, we supply businesses across Australia with premium welded beams and welded columns to meet their needs, whatever the project. Whether your business needs welded beams or columns for use in transport, renewable energy, or commercial or residential construction, our team can find the right solutions for you.

Crucial to the structural integrity of our customers’ designs welded beams and welded columns are manufactured to the highest regulatory requirements and meet performance benchmarks. In alignment with our core value of certainty, BlueScope Distribution strives to deliver steel products that our customers know can meet the challenges of their projects and provide the reliable strength and performance that they expect. 

Not only do our welded beams and columns stand up in terms of performance, but our value-add processing services and logistical know-how mean that we can offer customers a genuine one-stop steel service. Get in touch with our helpful team today to discuss how our supply chain expertise, premium-grade products, and processing services can help your business operate with increased value and efficiency.


Welded beams and columns are steel sections produced using two flanges and a web, welded together using a deep penetration fillet weld to produce a steel length with enhanced weight-bearing capacity and increased strength.

Our welded beams and columns come in a variety of forms, including I beam or H beam, named due to their distinct shapes and include the following features and benefits:

  • Guaranteed minimum strength levels for confidence in project planning
  • Low-temperature properties (if specified)
  • ACRS accreditation (ACRS Certificate No. 120802)
  • ATIC10 accreditation

All welded beams and columns are manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 3679.2:2016, from plate manufactured to AS/NZS 3678:2016 with a nominal yield strength of 300MPa. 300L15 has a guaranteed impact performance at -15°C.


We offer a range of services for structural steel including options for cut-to-length processing, as well as other processing such as bolt-holes, punch marks, mitre cutting, and more to ensure our customers can access the materials needed to complete their project. 

In addition to the increased efficiency our customers can realise through the use of our processing services, customers can also plan their projects with fewer constraints, as they can rest assured that the welded beams and columns they need to complete their job are easily attainable. For a full breakdown of the processing services that we offer, speak with one of our trained experts, or visit our processing page.


Setting us apart from other providers of welded beams and columns in the space, our team is skilled in managing minimum order quantity requirements that come with dealing mill-direct, removing complexity from your supply chain, and as a result, delivering more affordable solutions.

BlueScope Distribution can also assist your business with a range of added operational solutions that can be further leveraged in order for your business to realise the freedom to do what you do best. These solutions include:

  • Consignment stock
  • End to end supply chain management
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Single source steel and aluminium supply
  • Steel efficiency reviews

Contact us today to talk more about how our end-to-end supply chain service solutions can help you get your project across the line, with the best results possible.

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