Making business easy with EDI solutions from BlueScope Distribution

BlueScope Distribution use industry best integration solutions to partner with our customers and deliver productivity improvements through digital technology. We are committed to embracing new and emerging technologies to make it easy for customers to do business with us.

Partnering through digital technology

Working together with our customers, BlueScope Distribution can create an automated digital connection between our ERP systems using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to automate day to day business transactions and provide efficiencies for both our business.

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The customised solutions enables BlueScope Distribution’s system to recognise our customers product codes and pair these with the equivalent BlueScope Distribution products. This process improves order accuracy, reduces data entry and increases productivity.

Benefits of Electronic Data Interchange

  • Automation of purchase orders, order confirmations, shipping notices, invoices and test certificates.
  • Increased productivity for our customers
  • Improved data accuracy on all automated transactions
  • Superior customer experience
  • Availability for 24/7 transaction processing

How do we do it

BlueScope Distribution use industry best standards for automation via EDI. Our integrations team interpret different system formats and use several technologies to customize the solution to create a successful connection between our ERP system and that of our customers. With existing technologies readily available, setting up an EDI link between us and our customers can be set up quite easily and is cost effective way when compared to the efficiencies it provides.

What will you need

EDI documents are interpreted and processed digitally without human intervention. A standard digital format is used to ensure our ERP system can communicate with that of our customers. It is preferred that we send and receive messages using the GS1 or ASI XML Schema however our teams are adaptable and can work with our customers’ IT representatives to find the best solution.

Want to know more?

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