Steel plate

BlueScope Distribution offers a comprehensive range of steel plate products that includes BlueScope manufactured XLERPLATE® steel, TRU-SPEC® steel and REDCOR® steel. The range covers mild steel plate, high tensile steel plate, weather-resistant steel plate, quenched and tempered steel plate, wear plate, in coil plate, pattern plate and treadplate options.

While many products are suitable for general purpose engineering, others are manufactured for specific purposes, for example, plate for pressure vessels, boilers, and structural applications.

  1. Structural products that include medium- and high-strength steel plate with varying nominal yield strengths: 250 MPa, 300 MPa, 350 MPa, 400 MPa, and 450 MPa.
  2. Boiler and pressure vessel products manufactured from fully killed, fine-grained carbon-manganese steel.
  3. Weathering steel products that are weather resistant, this hot-rolled plate product boasts an improved corrosion performance that results in cost advantages and an improved service life.
  4. Analysis and counterweight products that are manufactured to either meet specific chemical compositions for the analysis grades or a broad chemical analysis range for the counterweight grade.

Steel plate products offered by BlueScope Distribution are available with access to BlueScope’s technical support service.

Structural steel plate

There are a range of structural products in a selection of grade options. Speak to our team today regarding availability for your specific need.

  • Grade 250, 5mm – 150mm thickness
  • Grade 250 Floorplate, 6 – 12mm thickness
  • Grade 300, 8 – 60mm thickness
  • Grade 350, 5 – 100mm thickness
  • Grade 400, 10 – 80mm thickness
  • Grade 450, 10 – 40mm thickness
  • Lasercut Grade 250, 16, 20, 25mm thickness

Boiler and pressure vessel steel plate

There are a range of boiler and pressure vessel products in a selection of grade options. Speak to our team today regarding availability for your specific need.

Boiler and pressure vessel grades are specially designed plate products using a fully killed, fine grained carbon-manganese steel produced by hot rolling and normalising. BlueScope Distribution can supply BlueScope manufactured XLERPLATE® steel boiler and pressure vessel grades.

  • Grade PT430T, 5mm ONLY
  • PT460N, 10mm – 100mm
  • PT460NR, NR & L0 – 8mm – 100mm. L40 – 8mm – 40mm
  • PT460NRA
  • PT460T, T & L0: 6mm – 80mm. L20: 6mm – 40mm. L40 & L50: 10mm – 40mm
  • PT490N, N & L20: 10mm – 100mm. L40 & L50: 10mm – 80mm
  • PT490NR, 10mm – 60mm
  • PT490T, T & L20: 10mm – 60mm. L40 & L50: 10mm – 40mm
  • PT540T, 10mm – 40mm

To learn more, visit our XLERPLATE® steel and TRU-SPEC® steel pages.