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At BlueScope Distribution, we pride ourselves on being a leading steel plate supplier, servicing businesses across Australia. We offer a wide range of steel plate products, offering additional processes and solutions to the companies that we work with.

As your steel plate suppliers, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and diversified product offering of the highest quality, coupled with exceptional customer service and a wide range of value-add services.

BlueScope Distribution is proud to be a quality-driven Australian steel plate supplier that provides products to customers across a variety of industries including defence, infrastructure, renewable energy manufacturing, building and transport. We provide steel plate options suitable for a wide range of general purpose engineering, as well as product grades developed for specific purposes, such as pressure vessels, boilers, and structural applications.


Our range of steel plate products includes the following:

Structural steel plate suppliers

Structural products that include medium and high-strength steel plate with varying nominal yield strengths: 250 MPa, 300 MPa, 350 MPa, 400 MPa, and 450 MPa.

Our range of structural products in a selection of grade options include:

  • Grade 250, 5mm – 150mm thickness
  • Grade 250 Floorplate, 6 – 12mm thickness
  • Grade 300, 8 – 60mm thickness
  • Grade 350, 5 – 100mm thickness
  • Grade 400, 10 – 80mm thickness
  • Grade 450, 10 – 40mm thickness
  • Lasercut Grade 250, 16, 20, 25mm thickness

Boiler & pressure vessel steel plate suppliers 

There are a range of boiler and pressure vessel products in a selection of grade options. Speak to our team today regarding availability for your specific need.

Boiler and pressure vessel grades are specially designed plate products using a fully killed, fine grained carbon-manganese steel produced by hot rolling and normalising. BlueScope Distribution can supply BlueScope manufactured XLERPLATE® steel boiler and pressure vessel grades. 

  • Grade PT430T, 5mm ONLY
  • Grade PT460N, 10mm – 100mm
  • Grade PT460NR, NR & L0 – 8mm – 100mm. L40 – 8mm – 40mm
  • Grade PT460NRA
  • Grade PT460T, T & L0: 6mm – 80mm. L20: 6mm – 40mm. L40 & L50: Grade 10mm – 40mm
  • Grade PT490N, N & L20: 10mm – 100mm. L40 & L50: 10mm – 80mm
  • Grade PT490NR, 10mm – 60mm
  • Grade PT490T, T & L20: 10mm – 60mm. L40 & L50: 10mm – 40mm
  • Grade PT540T, 10mm – 40mm

To learn more, visit our XLERPLATE® steel and TRU-SPEC® steel pages.

Weathering steel suppliers

Weathering steel products that are weather resistant, this hot-rolled plate product boasts an improved corrosion performance that may result in cost advantages and an improved service life.

To learn more, visit our REDCOR® steel page. 

Quenched & tempered plate suppliers

Used in high-impact applications, quenched & tempered plate is produced by intense heating of the plate, and then cooling processes, which produce a product to a specific degree of hardness. Quenched & tempered steel plate is typically used in defence, transport, mining and structural applications. It is ideal in applications where the steel will be subjected to high-impact situations, that require a degree of strength to ensure the product lasts.

To learn more, visit our BISALLOY® steel page.

Analysis and counterweight steel suppliers

Analysis and counterweight products that are manufactured to either meet specific chemical compositions for the analysis grades or a broad chemical analysis range for the counterweight grade.

To learn more, visit our XLERPLATE® steel page.

At BlueScope Distribution, we are dedicated to serving customers across Australia. Our metro branches are strategically located in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, and we also have many rural branches to provide customers who live out-with these locations with high quality steel products.


Plasma cutting services

  • With our plasma cutting services, we can work to fulfil your steel plate processing requirements, including cutting, drilling, and bevelling choices, allowing items to be finished in one setup.
  • Our plasma cutting services offer efficient cutting, minimisation of waste material through nesting, shape generation using CAD/CAM, and  accurately measured cutting with long steel shapes and automated multi axis bevel.
  • Our plasma processes transform large steel plates into smaller components of specified shape and size. These components are semi-finished and fit for easy fabrication by our customers. This ensures we save our customers time and labour in their fabrication. Where required, we will supply material on orders in kit form to ease and aid efficient assembly for our customers.

Oxy cutting services

  • Through our range of flexible oxy cutting plate processing services, we provide our customers with a wide selection of steel cutting options to meet requirements. 
  • Our oxy cutting services are particularly effective for steel plate, as they provide a reliable yet economical steel plate processing option perfect for most applications. 
  • Our teams assist many of our customers in manufacturing, transport and automotive, defence, infrastructure and agriculture with shape generation using CAD/CAM. Our steel plate services are ideal for their heavy gauge steel plate needs. 

Bevel, drilling & etching

  • Bevelling: We provide bevelling services, often used as a welding preparation procedure,  providing an angled edge (often used when the plate needs to be rolled into a final shape).
  • Drilling: We can assist with pre-drilling holes into steel plates to improve efficiency in the fabrication process for your project.
  • Etching: We can aid with etching, which is the process of lightly scratching the surface of the steel to create a mark with welding and other additional work that needs to be done as part of future assembly. 

Other options: include countersinking, tapping, milling, punching, hard stamping, and pin marking.

For more information about our range of steel plate processing services, please visit our processing page.


  • Project Management solutions: At BlueScope Distribution our teams are experienced in processing steel plate and steel sheet products supplied from the BlueScope mill to suit our customer’s project requirements, through the use of our in-house processing capability.
  • Just-in-time delivery: Our teams work closely with our customers on their projects to ensure they run smoothly to completion. We coordinate the delivery of our customers’ steel products where and when they are needed. 
  • Consignment Stock: We effectively use our size and reach to give customers the ability to have readily available steel at their disposal through our consignment stock options. This gives our customers confidence in knowing they will have their steel material at their disposal when and how they require it. 
  • Forecasting support: We work in collaboration with our customers to identify purchasing trends in order to smooth manufacturing processes and reduce bottlenecks. This allows our customers to achieve waste reduction and optimal material flow. 
  • End-to-end supply chain: At BlueScope Distribution we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and providing our customers with end-to-end steel and aluminium project management solutions through the use of personalised supply chain coordination. Our teams work collaboratively, utilising their expertise in coordinating material, managing production schedules and delivery to provide one seamless process to meet project milestones.
  • B2B integration: With B2B integration, BlueScope Distribution can ensure your businesses’ steel and aluminium transactions can be seamless through electronic placement of orders through digital streamlining of operations.
  • Steel efficiency reviews®: At BlueScope Distribution we work with customers and provide them with improved time and more cost-efficient ways to conduct business.

For more information about our range of service solutions, please visit our solutions page.

At BlueScope Distribution, we are dedicated to serving customers across Australia. Our metro branches are strategically located in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, and we also have many rural branches to provide customers who live out-with these locations with high quality steel products.

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