XLERPLATE® steel from BlueScope Distribution

Our customers enjoy the ease and convenience of sourcing their XLERPLATE® steel plate and other associated products under one roof. BlueScope Distribution offers a wide range of high quality, locally made Australian steel plate products, including coil plate, laser plate, boiler plate and pattern plate.

Backed by expert technical support and JIT (Just In Time) flexible lead times, we aim to provide continuity of supply to help streamline your business operations. XLERPLATE® steel plate products come in a range of structural plate grades, boiler and pressure vessel grades, weathering steel products, and analysis grades.

Our BlueScope Distribution team is experienced in helping customers to access the range of XLERPLATE® steel plate products, in structural, pressure vessel and weathering grades. Typical applications for XLERPLATE® steel products include components, structural fabrication, laser profiling, general fabrication, structural members, bridges and storage tanks.


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XLERPLATE® steel range

BlueScope Distribution provides the range of XLERPLATE® steel products, consisting of a variety of structural plate grades, boiler and pressure vessel products, and weathering steels. XLERPLATE® steel is used in the following applications, and many more:

  • components
  • structural fabrication
  • laser profiling
  • general fabrication
  • structural members
  • bridges and infrastructure
  • storage tanks
  • transport

There are a number of reasons for choosing XLERPLATE® steel for your next project, such as:

  • A wide product range, which is available in both standard and custom developed specifications. This gives our customers the freedom and ease of one-point for all their steel plate products.
  • Through the BlueScope technical team, BlueScope Distribution can work with our customers to develop the custom plate product needed to suit your specific application, on relatively short lead times, which allows you to start your projects as soon as possible.
  • Our teams can assist your business in choosing the right XLERPLATE® steel product to meet your need and application.
  • ISO Quality Management Systems Accreditation (ISO 9001), adherence to Australian Standards ASNZS 3678 and comprehensive test certificates. This means your business receives what you expect – a good quality product that can be traced back to its origin. This provides peace of mind for many large projects.

In addition to our XLERPLATE® steel plate product options, your specialist team can also assist with TRU-SPEC® steel, REDCOR® steel and quenched and tempered steel plate products from Bisalloy® steel. We have steel plate products including mild steel, laser plate, boiler plate, quenched and tempered steel plate and weathering steel plate. We also have a wide range of steel plate processing options to suit.

Our customers are found in many industries, demonstrating the diverse applications for XLERPLATE® steel products:


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Your BlueScope Distribution team are experienced and responsive with both the technical resources and local knowledge needed to deliver on large projects. We have a national steel processing network, and the capability to offer customers XLERPLATE® steel processed to your project’s specification. This includes value-add steel processing services such as cutting, drilling, tapping, bevelling, blasting and priming, as well as aluminium router cutting. Talk to our team today about our options for kitting your steel, so it is delivered cut and bundled in the order you need to fast track your project.

Our teams can arrange to cut, package and deliver your XLERLATE® steel products in the form you need to fabricate your final application. This may include options for truck trailers or defence projects to name a few. We have in-house plate processing machines including plasma and oxy cutting capability. We also provide slitting and shearing services for sheet and coil.

Our diversified range of products, processing quality and expertise, as well as supply chain and project management capability provide our customers a complete solution. BlueScope Distribution customers appreciate the efficiency our sales teams offer, providing confidence to customers in knowing the quality steel and aluminium product they need will be available on time and to project or manufacturing timelines.

XLERPLATE® steel processing services

Your processing services for XLERPLATE® steel products include:

To learn more about our range of steel processing services, please visit our processing page.


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XLERPLATE® steel applications

XLERPLATE® steel products are used for a variety of applications in segments like transport, manufacturing, infrastructure, steel fabrication, defence, mining and agriculture. Some typical end uses include components structural fabrication, laser profiling, general fabrication, structural members, bridges and infrastructure, storage tanks and transport.

BlueScope Distribution’s value-add solutions

With a national network of branches Australia-wide, your BlueScope Distribution teams provide ease of accessibility and full supply chain solutions for the range of XLERPLATE® steel products. We work closely with our customers to manage product requirements and forecasting to ensure material is available how and when it is needed, so our customers can concentrate on manufacturing a wide range of end use products for Australian communities.

Your BlueScope Distribution team can assist with scheduling, forecasting, consignment options, product labelling and kitting options, nesting, and project management from start to finish.

BlueScope Distribution’s Steel Efficiency Review®

Our Steel Efficiency Review® is available to our customers. It is a service we offer to assist with looking closely at production and processing lines to help our customers identify potential cost and time savings to recommend possible improvements. To learn more, please visit our SER® page.

Complimentary products for XLERPLATE® steel

With BlueScope Distribution, customers can also access a wide range of steel and aluminium products that complement our XLERPLATE® steel plate range.

These include a range of other steel plate products such as TRU-SPEC® steel, REDCOR® steel made by BlueScope, and quenched and tempered steel plate products from BISALLOY® steel.

We have steel plate products ranging from mild steel, laser plate, boiler plate, quenched and tempered steel plate and weathering steel plate. In addition to steel plate products such as XLERPLATE® steel, your local branch can supply prepainted and metallic coated sheet and coil products, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, tube, pipe, merchant bar and structural steel.