TRUECORE® steel from BlueScope Distribution

Enjoy the freedom and convenience of sourcing all your TRUECORE® steel coil products under one roof. Framing fabricated from TRUECORE® steel delivers benefits for builders, designers and homeowners alike. Our BlueScope Distribution team can supply your roll forming business with the slit coil sizes you need to manufacture steel framing made with TRUECORE® steel. Steel framing made with TRUECORE® steel is easily recognisable with its blue finish. Its coating also comes with BlueScope’s patented Activate® technology for enhanced corrosion resistance.

A building frame made from TRUECORE® steel is strong, straight and precise. Steel house framing made with TRUECORE® steel won’t experience shrinkage or twisting over time, which reduces the chance for jammed doors or uneven rooflines. TRUECORE® steel is also termite and borer proof – so it’s no wonder that the inner strength of TRUECORE® steel is the future of framing. Building frames made from TRUECORE® steel are efficient to work with and quick to install.


TRUECORE® steel range

Our team are experienced in the TRUECORE® steel range and can provide processing of slit coil products to suit your steel framing manufacturing requirements.

TRUECORE® steel applications

TRUECORE® steel products are used in steel framing applications, mostly in residential housing applications and multi-storey builds. With convenient locations across Australia, your local BlueScope Distribution team is experienced in supplying TRUECORE® steel coil products to fabricators and steel suppliers who manufacture steel framing.

TRUECORE® steel is 100 per cent termite and borer proof and is also non-combustible, so its use significantly reduces the amount of flammable material in a home. The inherent strength and durability of TRUECORE® steel provides structural integrity in all types of environments and conditions, with no shrinking, twisting or warping. With their distinctive blue finish, frames made from TRUECORE® steel incorporate BlueScope’s Activate® technology, which provides enhanced corrosion resistance.

TRUECORE® steel specifications

TRUECORE® steel is manufactured by BlueScope, and is made to conform to the appropriate Australian standard (AS1397:2011 and AS/NZS 1365:1996) for thickness, width, mechanical properties and coating mass. TRUECORE® steel is easily identifiable through product branding and the distinctive blue coating.

For detailed information and specifications, read the product data sheets


Your BlueScope Distribution team are experienced and responsive with both technical and local knowledge. Coupled with our national processing capability, we offer customers TRUECORE® steel in coil form with in-house slitting equipment, which can turn TRUECORE® steel coils into custom slit sizes. Customers are then able to manufacture steel framing products.

Our diversified range of products, processing quality and expertise, as well as supply chain and project management capability provide our customers a complete solution. BlueScope Distribution customers appreciate the efficiency our sales teams offer, providing confidence to customers in knowing the quality product they need will be available on time and to project or manufacturing timelines.

TRUECORE® steel processing services

Your processing services for TRUECORE® steel products include:

To learn more about our range of steel processing services, please visit our processing page.


TRUECORE® steel applications

BlueScope Distribution customers turn the TRUECORE® steel coil products that our team supplies for fabrication of steel framing for residential building. Our team can assist you with forecasting of material to meet project timelines, consignment stock options to ensure you have material on your floor when you need it, and nesting of slit sizes to minimise waste.

BlueScope Distribution’s value-add solutions

With a national network of branches Australia-wide, your BlueScope Distribution teams provide ease of accessibility and full supply chain solutions for TRUECORE® steel products. We work closely with our customers to manage product requirements and forecasting to ensure material is available how and when it is needed, so our customers can concentrate on manufacturing their end use products for Australian communities. Your BlueScope Distribution team can assist with scheduling, forecasting, consignment options, product labelling and kitting options, nesting, and project management from start to finish.

BlueScope Distribution’s Steel Efficiency Review®

Our Steel Efficiency Review® is available to our customers. It is a service we offer to assist with looking closely at production and processing lines to help our customers identify potential cost and time savings to recommend possible improvements. To learn more, please visit our SER® page.

Complimentary products for TRUECORE® steel

With BlueScope Distribution, customers can also access a wide range of steel and aluminium products that complement our range of TRUECORE® steel coil. In addition to TRUECORE® steel, your local branch can supply steel sheet and coil products, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, tube, pipe, merchant bar and structural steel.

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