Prepainted steel from BlueScope Distribution

Our customers can access a wide range of prepainted steel products manufactured by BlueScope, in addition to our COLORBOND® steel sheet and coil range. Prepainted strip products are available in sheet and coil form, for a wide range of manufacturing applications such as roofing, walling, fencing, and rainwater products.


Our BlueScope Distribution team is experienced in helping customers to access the wide range of prepainted steel products made by BlueScope, including:

  • Drumstock®: This prepainted steel product was designed to be used in the manufacture of steel drums. The prepainted steel surface of Drumstock® is designed to be able to store chemicals, as well as transporting and storing fruit pulp products, dairy and detergents. Drumstock® offers good formability, with a chemically resistant drum liner and weather resistant drum outer coating.
  • Exterior hot water products: This prepainted steel product is designed to be used in the manufacture of hot water system wrappers.
  • Exterior manufactured articles: This prepainted steel product is made to assist with outdoor durability and formability for products that are exposed to the elements, such as hot water wrappers, air-conditioner panels and garden sheds.
  • General manufactured articles: This prepainted steel product has been designed to be used in the manufacture of products for interior use.
  • Interior furniture & shelving: This prepainted steel product was designed to be used in the manufacture of products such as furniture, shelving products and office equipment.
  • Primer only material: This prepainted steel product is supplied typically to manufacturing customers with a primer only painted surface. This makes the surface of the product ready to paint. The product has good formability and adhesion to post-painted top-coats. Common uses include the manufacture of drum lids and bodies, appliance components, door and window screens.
  • Sign writing panels: This prepainted steel product was designed with sign writing customers in mind. The product is durable, resistant to marking and comes with a high gloss.
  • Superior gloss articles: This prepainted steel product was designed to deliver a high gloss surface that is mar resistant and is typically used in the manufacture of products such as cabinets in laundries, light fittings and commercial refrigeration shells.

In addition to our prepainted steel range, our customers can also access COLORBOND® steel products manufactured by BlueScope. Our teams from BlueScope Distribution can supply our customers with COLORBOND® steel sheet and coil products, typically used to manufacture roofing, fencing and walling products.


Your BlueScope Distribution team are experienced and through our network we can supply the technical knowledge our customers need to choose the right prepainted steel product for their specific needs. Combined with our national processing capability, we provide customers prepainted steel in both sheet and coil form with in-house slitting and shearing equipment. Our customers are able to utilise our experience and expertise in prepainted steel products to then manufacture a wide range of end user products, from hot water units to garden sheds.

Our diversified range of products, processing quality and expertise, as well as supply chain and project management capability provide our customers a complete solution. BlueScope Distribution customers can appreciate the effectiveness our sales teams offer, providing confidence in knowing the quality product they need will be available on time and to project or manufacturing timelines.

Prepainted steel processing services

Your processing services for prepainted steel products include:

To learn more about our range of steel processing services, please visit our processing page.


Prepainted steel applications

Prepainted steel products are used for a variety of applications in residential, commercial, construction and broader manufacturing applications.  BlueScope Distribution customers turn the prepainted steel sheet and coil products that our team supplies into hot water units, laundry cabinets, garden sheds and drums for storing food and chemicals.

BlueScope Distribution’s value-add solutions

With a national network of branches Australia-wide, your BlueScope Distribution teams provide ease of accessibility and full supply chain solutions for the range of prepainted steel products. We work closely with our customers to manage product requirements and forecasting to ensure material is available how and when it is needed, so our customers can concentrate on manufacturing a wide range of end use products. Your BlueScope Distribution team can assist with scheduling, forecasting, consignment options, product labelling and kitting options, nesting, and project management from start to finish.

BlueScope Distribution’s Steel Efficiency Review®

Our Steel Efficiency Review® is available to our customers. It is a service we offer to assist with looking closely at production and processing lines to help our customers identify potential cost and time savings to recommend possible improvements. To learn more, please visit our SER® page.

Our wide range of products

With BlueScope Distribution, customers can also access a wide range of steel and aluminium products that compliment our suite of prepainted steel sheet and coil range. Your local branch can supply metallic coated sheet and coil products, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, steel tube and pipe, merchant bar and structural steel.

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