Steel Efficiency Review®

The Steel Efficiency Review® is suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes across a full spectrum of steel industries. We look closely at your production and processing lines to help you identify cost and time savings to recommend possible improvements.

The SER® provides key recommendations based on those well-known 7 areas of waste:

  1. Over production
  2. Time in waiting
  3. Transportation
  4. Processing
  5. Inventory
  6. Motion
  7. Rework

It’s free and simple

There is no cost and no risk in undertaking a Steel Efficiency Review®. Our SER® Consultants simply offer you recommendations to possibly help improve your operation’s efficiency and productivity.

We come back to you with a short report, detailing our findings, recommendations and possible solutions.

Who are we?

We are BlueScope Distribution, a market leading steel and aluminium distributor and solutions provider. We are part of the broader BlueScope group of businesses, servicing a wide range of industries in Australia.

Our team is committed to providing a diversified range of products, high quality processing capability and a broad range of services, which help support our customers to find the freedom they need to do what they do best. With a national network of branches across metro locations and major regional towns, BlueScope Distribution can help co-ordinate a full suite of productprocessing and project management requirements that our customers need.

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