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BlueScope Distribution Brisbane is your trusted source for end to end steel needs for a range of applications across various industries. We provide steel products, processing, and solutions to businesses in the wider Brisbane area.

Our Brisbane team has extensive experience in large-scale projects for clients in the building, construction, renewables, engineering, defence, transport and infrastructure sectors. We work closely with our clients to identify and satisfy the requirements of large-scale and complex projects, from supplying every steel need to providing supply chain support.

Our range of BlueScope-manufactured steel products are the trusted names in Australian steel. Some of the products we supply include XLERPLATE® steel, TRU-SPEC® steel and REDCOR® steel, as well as sheet and coil products such as COLORBOND® steel, ZINCALUME® steel, TRUECORE® steel and GALVABOND® steel.


Steel plate suppliers Brisbane

  • Steel plate – BlueScope Distribution Brisbane provides BlueScope-manufactured XLERPLATE® steel, TRU-SPEC® steel, and REDCOR® steel. We have a wide range of steel plate products, including mild steel, high tensile steel, weather-resistant steel, quenched and tempered steel, wear plate, coil plate, pattern plate, and treadplate options.
  • Coil plate – TRU-SPEC® steel can be used in a range of end-use applications, including standard structural members, automotive components and general fabrications. At BlueScope Distribution Brisbane, our coil plate steel comes in a range of structural grades, widths and lengths.
  •  Weathering steel plate – We stock a wide range of REDCOR® weathering steel products for applications in non-marine and non-industrial applications. Our REDCOR® weathering steel products have both enhanced weather resistance and a great aesthetic appeal.
  • Quenched & tempered steel – The range of quenched and tempered steel plates offered by Bisalloy ® has diverse applications across the defence, transport, mining, and structural sectors. This type of steel is specifically designed to withstand high-impact situations, providing exceptional strength and durability to ensure long-lasting performance.

Steel sheet & coil suppliers Brisbane

  • Pre-painted steel – BlueScope Distribution Brisbane offers a comprehensive selection of COLORBOND® prepainted steel products that are often used in the production of roofing, walling, fencing, and rainwater systems. Our range of COLORBOND® steel is available in both sheet and coil forms.
  • Metallic coated steel – BlueScope Distribution offers a variety of metallic coated steel products, including the ZINCALUME® steel sheet and coil range, GALVABOND®, and ZINCANNEAL®. These products are available in both sheet and coil forms and are widely used in the manufacturing of roofing, walling, and steel framing components.
  • Cold-rolled steel – At BlueScope Distribution Brisbane, our range of cold rolled steel includes four product groups: formable, structural, carbon and hardness. Our range of products includes both sheet and coil form.
  • Hot-Rolled steel – Our Brisbane team offers a range of hot rolled steel products that come in sheet and coil form, as well as floor plate or pattern plate form. Hot rolled steel is applicable in the manufacturing of brackets, furniture, automotive components, mower parts, agricultural machinery and walkways.

Steel product suppliers Brisbane

  • Pipes, valves & fittings – BlueScope Distribution Brisbane provides a range of steel pipe, valves and fittings and can advise our customers on their requirements for commercial pipe, ERW pipe, pressure pipe, seamless pipe, as well as valves and fittings. We also offer coordination services for international projects involving pipes.
  • Reinforcing steel – Our Brisbane-based team can assist in determining your reinforcing steel requirements. The products we provide include mesh and deformed bars or spacers and bar chairs.
  • Structural steel – Our structural steel product range is used across a range of industries, including residential and non-residential building projects, civil construction, mining, general manufacturing, and more.
  • Merchant bar – BlueScope Distribution Brisbane provides a range of merchant bar products, including flats, rounds, angles, squares and channels, which are crucial to the engineering and fabrication industries. We have a wide range of stock sizes.
  • Pipe & tube steel – Our range of CHS, RHS, SHS and ERW steel tube is manufactured to the highest quality and designed for precision, consistency and reliability to meet project requirements.
  • Welded beams & columns – Our range of welded steel beams and columns, including universal beams, channels and angles, are often applied in engineering, construction, building, mining infrastructure or transport industries. They are also commonly used in the building and development of office buildings, shopping centres, stadiums, car parks and bridges.
  • Building products – BlueScope Distribution Brisbane provides a range of products to businesses across the building segment include roofing, walling and rainwater products made from trusted brands such as COLORBOND® steel, ZINCALUME® steel and TRUECORE® steel.
  • Farming products – BlueScope Distribution Brisbane is proud to contribute to the growth of the Australian farming industry by supplying steel products that cater to on-farm necessities and agricultural manufacturing demands.


Steel sheet and coil processing services Brisbane

  • Slitting and recoiling for steel coils – At BlueScope Distribution Brisbane, we can process steel coil products. We take large steel coils from the BlueScope mill and slit and recoil them to the sizes required by our customers.
  • Shearing for steel sheets – BlueScope Distribution Brisbane provides valuable shearing services including turret punching and break press forming. Through our shearing process, we efficiently cut steel coils into sheet steel and carefully stack them in palletised packs, ensuring convenient delivery, storage, and utilization on our customers’ machines. Additionally, we maintain a stock of standard sheet sizes for popular products like COLORBOND® steel, aluminium, hot rolled, and cold rolled steel.

Steel plate processing services Brisbane

  • Plasma cutting services – Our advanced plasma cutting services provide exceptional precision and efficiency. With options for cutting, drilling, and bevelling, we ensure that parts can be finished in a single setup. Our services offer fast cutting speeds, minimise waste through nesting, utilise CAD/CAM for shape generation, and can accurately cut long shapes and achieve automated multi-axis bevels. Furthermore, we have the capability to transform rectangular steel plates into components of specific shapes and sizes, saving our customers valuable time and labour in the fabrication process.
  • Bevel, drilling & etching – We provide a range of bevel, drilling and etching services, including creating an angled edge required for optimum welding, pre-drilling holes into the steel plate, and etching to provide markings that help with welding and other work. We also offer a range of other services such as counter sinking, tapping, milling, punching, hard stamping, and pin marking.

Other steel processing services Brisbane

  • Kitting services – Kitting involves grouping together different products and custom processed steel components, which enables us to pack and deliver the products in the form clients require for final fabrication, which in turn provides significant efficiencies for our customers.


  • Project management solutions – Our expertise in handling and processing steel coil products, paired with our processing capability enables us to help better manage projects, ensuring that deadlines are met in a timely manner.
  • Just-in-time delivery – BlueScope Distribution Brisbane knows how important it is for businesses to have materials delivered where and when they are needed. Just-in-time ensures projects run smoothly and bottlenecks are avoided. Our skilled teams efficiently coordinate product deliveries to meet project milestones without delays.
  • Consignment Stock – Access to materials is vital to any large scale project. BlueScope Distribution Brisbane lets customers maintain a significant level of efficiency through our regular stock taking to ensure smooth invoicing and cash flow.
  • Forecasting support – Our teams’ forecasting capabilities allow our clients to better understand their purchasing trends and anticipate where and when they will need access to new materials.
  • End-to-end supply chain – We offer personalised supply chain coordination to support project milestones. We achieve this by coordinating material from multiple suppliers, managing production schedules, transport and delivery to provide one seamless point of contact.
  • B2B integration – Our highly experienced and capable IT and sales teams determine our clients’ business-to-business system integration requirements and identify ways we can partner to manage system automated stock management solutions. Automated placement of orders, product code integration, and invoicing helps create a more seamless project process.
  • Steel efficiency reviews® – We add value by identifying smarter and more cost-efficient ways to do business. Our steel efficiency reviews help our customers identify mutually beneficial projects we can work on together to create better value.

Industries we service

As your local steel supplier, processor and solutions provider, BlueScope Distribution Brisbane provides quality steel to customers across a range of industries. In addition to our quality steel products and in-house processing capabilities, we also provide a range of value-add services and solutions to our customers.

Below are some examples of the industries that we often work with. However, we can provide steel products to meet the requirements of customers across various other industries that may not be mentioned below. If you operate in an industry that is not listed below, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team to find out more about our product range.

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