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Steel Supplies Townsville

BlueScope Distribution Townsville proudly distribute BlueScope manufactured steel plate, sheet and coil products, as well as the range of Australian Made Orrcon Steel tubular products. The Townsville team can also supply aluminium products for a range of applications, and structural sections to the Townsville area, as well as farming products.

We work with our valued customers to discover areas where we can deliver added-value and services to complement our steel and aluminium products.

As part of BlueScope, Australia’s largest flat steel products manufacturer, BlueScope Distribution Townsville are proud to distribute BlueScope manufactured products such as steel plate and sheet and coil products. Our team have a large range of tubular steel products, manufactured in Australia by Orrcon Steel. The Townsville team can also supply a wide range of aluminium products for many applications such as marine and transport, structural sections for your building needs, LYSAGHT® building products for your home improvement projects, and farming products for livestock handling. We work with our valued customers to discover areas where we can deliver added-value, project management and processing services, to complement our steel and aluminium products.

BlueScope Distribution Townsville stock high-quality steel and aluminium products and our team at Townsville take pride in offering friendly, helpful customer service and project management. Our core steel product range includes BlueScope manufactured steel plate products XLERPLATE® steel and TRU-SPEC® steel, as well as sheet and coil products COLORBOND® steel, ZINCALUME® steel, TRUECORE® steel and GALVABOND® steel. Talk to us today about your steel and aluminium needs, we can supply aluminium coil, aluminium plate, aluminium treadplate, aluminium sheet, aluminium extrusions, quenched and tempered steel plate, boiler plate, structural steel, merchant bar including steel angle, flat bar, round bar, tube and pipe steel products, reinforcing mesh, universal beams, universal columns, welded beams, LYSAGHT® products, steel fencing, steel roofing and rainwater goods, livestock handling products and farm fencing.

When it comes to sourcing your steel tube products, look no further than BlueScope Distribution Townsville. We have the range of Orrcon Steel structural products such as circular hollow section, rectangular hollow section, sprinkler and hydrant pipe and square hollow section. As well as precision tube products circular pipe, oval tube steel, rectangular tube, special shapes and square tube.

If you’re looking to do some jobs around the house, BlueScope Distribution Townsville supplies LYSAGHT® products to suit, as well as steel reinforcing mesh products and accessories for trades. Farmers can speak to our Townsville team to discuss your farm and livestock handling needs. We have a range of Metalcorp cattle handing, sheep handling and horse management systems, and can supply farm fencing, wire and posts.

Our BlueScope Distribution Townsville team work to respond quickly to your needs and can accommodate changes to meet your business requirements. As part of BlueScope, BlueScope Distribution Townsville has access to the technical resources of the BlueScope mill and are able to investigate producing custom steel grades outside the standard product range. We can offer third-party certification options as well as non-standard test requirements.

BlueScope Distribution Townsville Capabilities and Accreditations

BlueScope Distribution Townsville can arrange convenient processing options to suit your steel requirements. Speak to our Townsville team today to investigate options such as aluminium routing, coil slitting, shearing, or simple length-based cutting.

Our team provide personalised account management, project management and quality steel supply services. BlueScope Distribution Townsville can retrieve test certificates for material traceability and compliance with applicable Australian Standards. BlueScope Distribution holds ISO 9001 Quality Management System Accreditation.

Our Product Range

Our Product Range

  • Steel plate products XLERPLATE® steel & TRU-SPEC® steel, boiler plate, floorplate, coil plate
  • Quenched and tempered steel plate (Q&T plate) such as BISALLOY®
  • Sheet & coil steel products COLORBOND® steel, TRUECORE® steel, GALVABOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel
  • Aluminium plate and treadplate, aluminium sheet, aluminium coil and aluminium extrusion
  • Welded beams and columns, structural steel
  • Orrcon Steel tube steel products
  • Universal beams, universal columns, steel channel
  • Steel angle, flat bar, merchant bar, round bar
  • Steel pipe and tubular products both painted and galvanised. Rectangular hollow section (RHS), circular hollow section (CHS), square hollow section (SHS)
  • Reinforcing mesh and accessories
  • Metalcorp steel stock handling equipment including Metalcorp SHEEPMASTER®, Metalcorp FLOCKMASTER®, Metalcorp CATTLEMASTER®, Metalcorp STUDMASTER®, Metalcorp STOCKMASTER®, Metalcorp HORSEKING®, cattle yards, cattle crushes, headbails, sheep yards, sheep ramps, knockdown ramps, cattle ramps, races, gates, vertical brace gates, gate-in-frames, cattle grids, calf handling equipment, cattle feeders, tombstone feeders, round bale feeders, hay racks, rotary force. Farm fencing including plain wire, barb wire, fence posts and pickets, mesh gates, vertical brace farm gates.

BlueScope Distribution Townsville Aluminium

There are a number of benefits to using aluminium in your building projects. Aluminium offers high strength levels despite its low weight and provides excellent corrosion resistance and superior malleability. Aluminium is one of the easiest metals to work with because it can be milled, drilled, cut, punched, bended, welded, or bonded with minimal fuss. Additionally, its design flexibility and thermal performance offers a versatile product that is both durable and versatile. When sourcing for aluminium in Townsville, choose BlueScope Distribution.

BlueScope Distribution Townsville offers a wide range of products for our aluminium customers, including standard aluminium, customer exclusive extrusions, sheet and coil products, tread plate and plate in a range of alloys and tempers. From aluminium flats, rounds, and tees to angles and channels, as well as hollow sections and rolled aluminium products, BlueScope Distribution Townsville is your prime source to fulfill your aluminium needs.

More than just providing materials to our Townsville aluminium customers, BlueScope Distribution also offers comprehensive processing services to help our customers cut down on time and costs spent. We provide value added services with our router cutting processes powered by our fully integrated nesting-based manufacturing software that helps decrease waste and increase precision with every cut. This results in quality products that are cost-friendly and reduced waste with every order.

At BlueScope Distribution Townsville, we provide our aluminium customers with more than just quality products. We partner with our customers to provide complete support from design to completion, offering an end-to-end experience like no other. To learn more about how BlueScope Distribution Townsville can benefit your business, get in touch with us today.

Value Add Services

Value Add Services from BlueScope Distribution Townsville

At BlueScope Distribution Townsville, we work closely with our customers business to become a valuable supply partner for your team, providing technical resources and project management. We aim to be your steel and aluminium supply partner and provide the right service and product expertise to deliver your project, on time, and on budget.

The additional services that we provide are what sets us apart from other Townsville steel suppliers:

  • Steel Efficiency Review®: The Steel Efficiency Review® is a study of our customer’s business and steel processing flow so that we can identify areas of waste and efficiency improvements for their steel use. This is a complimentary service that costs nothing for our customers.
  • Our processing services include a range of options, such as aluminium router cutting, laser cutting, and plate profiling. We also offer simple length-based cutting tube products. Speak to us today regarding your project requirements.
Industry Specialisations

BlueScope Distribution Townsville Industries

Our BlueScope Distribution Townsville branch distributes steel to many customers in a variety of segments. These include:

  • Building: Having access to quality sheet and coil steel products is essential for building projects. BlueScope Distribution Townsville distribute COLORBOND® steel, ZINCALUME® steel, and XLERPLATE® steel, produced by BlueScope to applicable Australian Standards. The Townsville team also supply quality steel plate products XLERPLATE® steel & TRU-SPEC® steel, as well as aluminium plate, aluminium sheet, aluminium coil and aluminium extrusion, steel sheet & coil, structural steel products, universal beams, universal columns, steel channel, steel angle, steel pipe and tubular products such as rectangular hollow section.
  • Construction: At BlueScope Distribution Townsville, we work with customers in the construction segment and understand these firms need access to a wide range of steel and aluminium products consistently, to meet project needs. Our team can supply steel products for construction, including steel plate, universal beams, universal columns, aluminium, steel channels, tube steel, steel bar, merchant bar, structural steel and reinforcing steel products. We can also assist with project managing your steel for upcoming supply for large construction and infrastructure projects.
  • Engineering: We know that customers in engineering need high quality steel with correct tolerances, and a consistency of supply. Vital to their projects is access to quality products, such as COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel, and plate products, such as XLERPLATE® steel. Products such as these are produced to relevant Australian Standards.
  • Manufacturing: BlueScope Distribution Townsville are your steel and aluminium supply specialist, looking after our manufacturing customers that deal in component work, general engineering, duct work, steel furniture, machinery, sheet metal work and electric components to name a few. We work with our manufacturing clients to deliver on their project needs and identify opportunities where we can offer more value in the form of steel processing and supply steel products how you need them.
  • Mining, Oil and Gas: Our Townsville sales team have worked with customers in mining, oil and gas for many years and we appreciate that companies in mining often face time and cost pressures. BlueScope Distribution Townsville provide personalised customer service by dedicating an account manager to each of our customers, allowing a single contact point for their aluminium and steel supplies. Our aim is to be your supply partner, by being an invaluable source for technical information, project management, and a key supply partner, to deliver your project on time, and budget.
  • Transport: BlueScope Distribution Townsville have experience with customers operating in the transport industry, including truck body manufacturers, defence and components. We strive to be the steel supply partner of choice for our transport and automotive clients and are always looking for ways to improve our service.
  • Farming: BlueScope Distribution Townsville understand our farming customers need high quality stock handling equipment, that improves animal handling efficiencies and safety for man, woman and beast. Our team have been supplying the range of Metalcorp Steel stock handling equipment for many years and can be relied upon to help you build the yard you need. We also have a full range of Orrcon steel tube products, for building your own yards. Talk to the BlueScope Distribution Townsville team today.
  • Home Improvement & Trades: If you have things to do around the house, the team at BlueScope Distribution Townsville are here to help. As well as our steel range, we also supply the LYAGHT® products range and we can help you with your home improvement projects today.

Get in touch with BlueScope Distribution Townsville today for more information.

*Disclaimer: get in contact with your local branch about processing as it may vary.

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