Flexible working policy

BlueScope Australia has developed a Flexible Work Policy with its own corresponding framework, called B-Flex.

What is B-flex?

All employees and their teams must be able to perform at their best. The foundation of B-flex is the belief that all roles have some degree of flexibility. Obviously, some roles have more than others.

B-flex is our approach to work. It allows everyone to be part of a flexible workplace. It is about exploring what flexibility might be possible for teams and roles in our business.

B-flex allows all our leaders to be ready to explore what workplace flexibility works to deliver better outcomes for individuals, teams, our customers and our business when our employees ask about it.

What do we mean by a flexible workplace

Technology and shifting workforce demographics have fundamentally changed the nature of work. Workplace flexibility is increasingly seen as a driver of success for innovative and high performing businesses.

A flexible workplace is one where our people are supported to successfully manage both their life commitments and their work so they can perform at their best.

Creating a culture of workplace flexibility requires input from all of us. It involves moving beyond accommodating individual ad hoc requests, to considering the nature of roles, teams, our business and our customers.

Currently at BlueScope Distribution, a significant number of our employees are working under flexible arrangements including working from home, working from a different location, flexible hours, days, start and finish times.