Employee Journey: Monique Sandow


Monique Sandow
Key Market Account Manager, NSW, BlueScope Distribution

Nurturing growth and shaping success at BlueScope Distribution.

Joining BlueScope Distribution as a Business Graduate, Monique Sandow was eager to gain experience in various areas of the business including sales, marketing and operations so she could practically apply what she learnt
at university.

Support from managers and team members plus the responsibility of managing internal accounts nurtured Monique’s growth and ensured she had a solid understanding of the business.

After just a few years into her BlueScope Distribution career and with a strong foundational basis, Monique seamlessly transitioned to a Key Market Account Manager role.

“When the opportunity presented to progress into the Key Market Account Manager role, I was ready for it,” says Monique. “It was a step up and I’ve thrived on the challenge. For example, my decision-making skills have improved
significantly in this role, especially when it comes to having more complex customer discussions that I wouldn’t normally make when I was a business graduate.”

With a desire for continuous learning, Monique has participated in a leadership course and mentor program, and attained a Cert III in Business to further enhance her skill set. With insight born from experience and growth, Monique says she’d give her younger self this advice “ask plenty of questions and prioritise tasks.”

Engage with people from around the business.

Since joining BlueScope Distribution, the company has undergone significant growth, particularly within the Albury team and the site capability, notably with the installation of the beamline.

In fact, Monique says “It’s these very aspects that I enjoy most about my career at BlueScope Distribution. Working with the Albury team, supporting a variety of customers with the Albury territory and seeing the finished product from steel
supplied by the company.”

Reflecting on her career at BlueScope Distribution, Monique says “My proudest accomplishment remains the swift transition into a key Account Manager role within two years of joining as a Business Graduate.” The next step for Monique?
A leadership role where she can play an even bigger part in the company’s future.

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