Employee Journey: Loren Pajkovic

Diverse opportunities on offer at BlueScope Distribution. When Loren Pajkovic first joined BlueScope as a [...]

Employee Journey: Kiya Houghton

You have the ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Moving from New [...]

Employee Journey: Mitch Egbers

Opportunities propel rapid career evolution. At BlueScope Distribution, career development opportunities often emerge at a [...]

Employee Journey: Monique Sandow

Nurturing growth and shaping success at BlueScope Distribution. Joining BlueScope Distribution as a Business Graduate, [...]

Employee Journey: Donna Ringrow

With BlueScope Distribution, the sky’s the limit. Donna Ringrow had one clear aspiration when she [...]

Employee Journey: Troy Gent

What started as a short role will soon be 25 years When Troy Gent joined [...]

Employee Journey: Brad White

Take every opportunity to achieve success As a proud South Australian, Brad White began his [...]

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