Employee Journey: Mitch Egbers


Mitch Egbers
Dispatch Coordinator, WA, BlueScope Distribution

Opportunities propel rapid career evolution.

At BlueScope Distribution, career development opportunities often emerge at a rapid pace. Mitch Egbers started out as a member of the floor staff in the Aluminium Shed and within five short months, was promoted to the Dispatch Coordinator WA role where he applies his Bachelor of Commerce knowledge.

The transition from the floor to the office was fortuitous, coinciding with the retirement of an office staff member. “The process of moving from the floor to the office was quick. My only goal now is to learn as much as I can in this position and consolidate my university learning,” says Mitch.

He goes on to explain “I try to soak up as much as possible by being involved in dispatch, accepting inbounds, managing inventory and supplier meetings. Professional development courses are also invaluable. The safety and load restraint course taught me what to look for regarding our truck load to ensure road safety and that we prevent road accidents.”

Learn from experienced and supportive colleagues.

Mitch cites the camaraderie forged with new people and the wealth of knowledge gained from experienced colleagues, as what he enjoys most about BlueScope Distribution. Knowing he can turn to his colleagues for advice has helped Mitch flourish in his role.

“I have been included in meetings which give me an insight into what is expected and how the senior leadership team interacts with people outside the business. I am most proud of participating in a meeting with our packaging
supplier, where we saved the company thousands of dollars,” says Mitch.

Mitch maintains a strong relationship with his previous manager turned colleague. “We work very closely and have established an effective working relationship. I feel like I’m able to talk to him whenever I need anything,” says Mitch.

“I am constantly being challenged to grow in my new role. Every time I get comfortable with a new part of the position, I take on something else that I need to learn and adapt to,” explains Mitch.

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