Employee Journey: Loren Pajkovic


Loren Pajkovic
Senior Human Resources Business Partner, NSW BlueScope Distribution

Diverse opportunities on offer at BlueScope Distribution.

When Loren Pajkovic first joined BlueScope as a HR Advisor in 2017, she was thrilled to be working for the iconic company from her hometown of Wollongong.

Given the size of the BlueScope business, throughout Loren’s time at BlueScope she has enjoyed a variety of roles which has facilitated continual learning and growth.

From early on, Loren was proactive and sought to work in diverse areas within the BlueScope HR team, looking after portfolios including cadets, and apprentices, finance, process and logistics, and Slabmaking.

A secondment as HR Advistor to BlueScope Building Components team, segued into a permanent HR Business Partner role for NSW and QLD which led to her current role as Senior HR Business Partner in BlueScope Distribution.

“I have been fortunate enough to work within 3 of the 4 ASP business’ within BlueScope. Every time I move roles I feel as though I am joining a new organisation and learning something new,” says Loren “It’s important that I take time to understand the different businesses to determine how I can add value as a HR Business Partner.

”Loren appreciates the professional development opportunities offered to her, including the Essentials Program and support from her previous managers. “The rapport I have with my previous managers remains strong and I know I can call them if I need anything,” explains Loren.

You need to take opportunities as they come up.

While BlueScope Distribution has enjoyed record profits, the business has also focused on future business needs and HR initiatives to maintain a positive culture.

“One of the most rewarding projects I’ve worked on at BlueScope Distribution is being the HR support for TheHub, a brand-new BlueScope Distribution site in Unanderra. This is a new challenge, and something I have never been involved
in with BlueScope to date. The projects we have are very exciting and I have already gained a lot of experience working with the team.” Says Loren.

“I’m also in the process of working on the Brisbane Enterprise Agreement (EA) which I’m looking forward too. Working on EA’s are a great opportunity for me to work with the employees,” says Loren.

When asked what advice Loren would give her younger self, she says “You need to take the opportunities as they come up. Don’t hesitate and don’t get comfortable. Constantly push yourself.”

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