BlueScope Distribution & Glyde Metal Industries: Supplying steel parts to local manufacturers

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“We believe we have an important advantage over offshore competitors. We are able to serve the local market more quickly than they ever can. ”

Dandenong based Glyde Metal Industries, is a medium size steel fabrication and manufacturing company with approximately 30 engineers, tradespeople and staff. The company operates in a diverse cross section of industries including infrastructure, transport, power and defence – all of which, have very different requirements.

Glyde Metal Industries has been contributing significantly to Victoria’s Big Build – including the upgrade of the Cranbourne rail line which is a large part of the Sky Rail project. BlueScope Distribution has been supporting Glyde Metal Industries for over 20 years with the supply of local Australian made steel and associated steel processing.

The relationship today is stronger than ever, General Manager Mark Wood says “we are so fortunate to have had BlueScope Distribution working closely with us for over 20 years. Our current account manager really knows our business and is able to help us when we really need it – you can’t buy that level of support.”

BlueScope Distribution Key Account Manager, Maddie Dharmapala says she has “been working with the team at Glyde Metal Industries for 3 years now, and it has been a truly rewarding experience. The genuine relationship and collaboration between our businesses have helped me grow both personally and professionally. For Glyde, I believe we have been able to add-value by working closely together, which has opened the doors to some large opportunities.”

As for the level of product quality, Mark Wood explains, “just being associated with the BlueScope brand is a benefit to us. We find that for a quality result, Australian steel is very highly regarded.”

“For the Sky Rail project in particular, the State Government wanted to source local materials,” says Mark Wood.“ As it happens, based in Dandenong, we are very local and our partnership with BlueScope Distribution also meant that Australia Steel could also be sourced and supplied for the project. We also have the fabricating capability required and were able to meet the strict timelines set for this project.”

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Victoria’s Big Build – Cranbourne Line Upgrade – Steel Cages – TRUSPEC® steel supplied by BlueScope Distribution

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SkyRail Steel – TRUSPEC® steel supplied by BlueScope Distribution

Most commonly, work at Glyde Metal Industries involves manufacturing parts and componentry to the specifications and drawings provided by their customers. “We manufacture specific parts for a customer. We may be asked to deliver 100 or 200 or 500 of those parts each and every month which can go on and on” explains Mark.

“COVID has certainly had an impact on the industrial side of our business, where we supply steel parts to local manufacturers. Many local companies that were buying supplies from overseas, in some cases for many years, experienced major supply chain difficulties associated with the current global shipping disruptions. As a result, they came back to suppliers like us and began buying local again. In some cases, we are now supplying Australian companies who we haven’t supplied to in years. We can serve the local market a lot more quickly, giving customers the ability to order this week and have the product delivered the next – our speed is one of our key strengths and having reliable partners like BlueScope Distribution, plays a big part in the service we can offer our own customers.”

Going from strength to strength in 2021

“Overall, since January 2021, many industries have been booming. Transport is just one example. Certainly, demand for steel is strong. Obviously, projects were held up last year and now they are happening.”

“We are fortunate to have such a long and healthy relationship with BlueScope Distribution, if we were going into the market today for raw steel, it would be very difficult to get what we need.”

“BlueScope Distribution supplies us with quality steel sheet and plate material which we laser cut, press form and weld. We turn these sheets into the precise three-dimensional products that our customers need. From our years of experience, we know that the BlueScope product is always the highest quality” says Mark.

Maddie Dharmapala from BlueScope Distribution explains, “we supply Glyde with XLERPLATE® steel, TRUSPEC® steel, tubular steel, and quenched and tempered plate made by Bisalloy®, and we work hard to deliver their material to their project timelines. Whether the end application is in defence, manufacturing, general engineering or infrastructure, our supply chain model is tailored for Glyde Metal Industries. This includes just-in-time delivery, warehousing and steel processing.”

General Manager, Mark Wood knows what his customers want. “Invariably, they have two requirements up front: a reliable and flexible supply chain; and certainty in terms of the quality ofthe steel supplied to them.”

“For myself, I am especially keen about TRUSPEC® steel. As the name suggests, the specification stays true no matter what shape or size we weld it into. The quality BlueScope manufactures remains “true” through the whole production process.”

The value delivered by BlueScope Distribution

Having similar business goals makes partnerships all that easier. Glyde Metal Industries and BlueScope Distribution both see their people as one of their key strengths.

“Our people are the process and we work to ensure every member of the team appreciates the value they offer. For us, people are certainly as important as equipment and machinery” claims Mark. Further still “innovation is totally fundamental to us and we know very well it is a never-ending journey. You can always do it better” adds Mark.

Together, in partnership with BlueScope Distribution, Glyde Metal Industries are committed to better serving customers in the infrastructure, transport, power and defence industries.

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