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BlueScope Distribution Melbourne is your go-to local aluminium supplier. For your next project – big or small – you can rely on our Melbourne team to provide quality aluminium products, convenient processing and solutions services, and exceptional customer service.

We not only have a broad selection of aluminium products, but also offer reliable in-house processing capabilities and value-add solutions. 

We carefully choose partner brands, and go above and beyond to provide customers with trusted advice and suitable aluminium products and solutions for their requirements. Our team supplies aluminium to businesses across various sectors, many with vastly different end-use applications. Commercial and architecture, marine, transport and recreation are examples of the industries we work with.

If you’re looking for a Melbourne aluminium supplier, get in touch with BlueScope Distribution.

Aluminium Extrusions

Aluminium Plate & Treadplate

Aluminium Sheet & Coil

BlueScope Distribution: Aluminium Suppliers Melbourne 

At BlueScope Distribution Melbourne we have aluminium products ranging from geometric and customer exclusive extrusions and sheet and coil products, to tread plate and plate. All of these can be provided in different alloys and tempers to match the requirements of your project. 

Extruded aluminium products are also available, such as aluminium flats, rounds and tees, aluminium angles and channels, aluminium hollow sections, and aluminium exclusives.

Rolled products such as aluminium sheet, aluminium coil, aluminium plate, and aluminium treadplate can be easily processed. Our team has the equipment and know-how to do this in-house. We can cut coil to length, and offer slitting, painting, anodising, turret punching and perforating.

At our Melbourne location we offer slitting, shearing, guillotining, drilling, and marking. 3D printing technology means we can turn our customer’s drawings into unique purpose-cut aluminium extrusion dies. When casting dies, this saves time and money, alleviates errors and helps make sure the product is fit for purpose.


Aluminium sheet & coil suppliers 

  • Aluminium sheet products: At our Melbourne location, we have aluminium sheet in a number of different grades. Our team can provide aluminium for everything from general-purpose sheet metal applications to specialised uses such as marine industry applications. We offer paper interleaved, naked or PE (Polyethylene) protective film, which can be applied to our aluminium products.
  • Aluminium coil products: Depending on your requirements, we have mother coil and slit coil available. These products are often used for air-conditioning, transport, marine, manufacturing, fabrication, agriculture and general industrial raw material and finished products.

Aluminium plate & treadplate suppliers 

  • Aluminium plate: At BlueScope Distribution Melbourne we provide a selection of aluminium plate products. These products are suitable for high strength structural applications, welded marine applications and road transport vehicles. For general manufacturing and fabrication applications, we also have commodity plates.
  • Aluminium treadplate: Our Melbourne location supplies aluminium treadplate for various applications. This includes step treads, shop floors, marine foot traffic, and decorative bar fronts. We stock a range of 5052 O (5 Bar) mill finish tread pattern plate and 3003 H22 bright propeller plate – all available in a number of dimensions and gauges to suit your needs.

Aluminium extrusion suppliers 

Aluminium extrusion: We provide Melbourne businesses with a range of standard geometric, standard industry specific and customer exclusive aluminium extrusion shapes including flat bar, angle, channel, round bar, tee section, tube, oval, square hollow and rectangular hollow. These products are available in alloy and temper variations, and can also have a variety of different finishes.


Aluminium sheet, plate & treadplate aluminium processing services 

  • Aluminium routing: If you need aluminium square or bevel cut into complex shapes, our Melbourne-based team can help. We can drill and etch – which is also known as marking – aluminium easily and accurately. By doing this we can help customers with assembling and identifying aluminium for upcoming projects.
  • Aluminium laser cutting: At BlueScope Distribution Melbourne, we have the equipment and expertise to provide laser-cutting services when required.
  • Aluminium slitting and shearing: We have a number of services we can provide in-house, including cutting aluminium coil to a custom length and size. This can be done for sheet and slit coils.
  • Protection film: When buying aluminium from our Melbourne location, you have the option to apply a temporary PE film to the product. This is often done to keep quality risks to a minimum, reduce product waste and improve processing efficiency.

Aluminium extrusion processing services 

  • Aluminium profile 3D prototyping: At BlueScope Distribution Melbourne our team can provide 3D prototypes based on your drawings. This gives you the ability to test aluminium component designs.
  • CNC precision product fabrication by machining: Our Melbourne branch offers square or bevel cutting, mill, shape drill, tap, notch, slot & punch, swage, knurl, digital print and more.  
  • Bracket, corner stakes, connector cutting 
  • Square & mitre cutting 
  • Precision cut to length 
  • Extrusion routing 
  • Edge deburring 

Find out more about the different aluminium processing services we have available by visiting our processing page.


  • Kitting services: Our team offers aluminium in kit form, which makes assembling final aluminium products faster and easier for customers. The kits usually include multiple gauge, grade, dimensional sheet, plate and treadplate products, and are paired with aluminium standard and exclusive extrusions.
  • Project management solutions: We work with customers and offer various processing services to meet the requirements of different projects.
  • Just-in-time delivery: At our Melbourne branch, we keep you on track to meet deadlines by eliminating bottlenecks, reducing WIP, improving production efficiencies and allowing for just-in-time delivery of aluminium.
  • Stock management strategies: Depending on your business needs our sales team is available to discuss stock management strategies.
  • Forecasting support: At BlueScope Distribution Melbourne our team understand the purchasing trends, future requirements and project injections of customers. We use this understanding to develop efficient manufacturing processes and guide you in the right direction.
  • End-to-end supply chain: Our team can provide project management solutions, which is beneficial for improving and implementing supply chain co-ordination.
  • B2B integration: We provide business-to-business system integration, which is arranged with customers to help them better manage systems automated stock management solutions and meet their objectives.

Get in touch with our Melbourne team to find out how BlueScope Distribution can help with aluminium products, processing and solution services for your next project.