Employee Journey: Kiya Houghton


Kiya Houghton
Customer Service Officer, QLD BlueScope Distribution

You have the ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Moving from New Zealand to Australia, Kiya Houghton was looking to join a reputable organisation that would offer stability, skill expansion and personal growth. After working at BlueScope Distribution for six years in a variety of roles, Kiya says “I have achieved more than I had expected.”

Kiya’s career at BlueScope Distribution started at the Salisbury Mill. She worked her way up from a machine operator to become the first female logistics Team Leader at the site, posing a significant learning curve which Kiya fully embraced.

Following a number of roles at the Eagle Farm site, Kiya was promoted to the position of Customer Service Co-Coordinator in the Export Department.

Kiya’s success can be attributed to unwavering determination, a readiness to embrace challenges, persistent hard work and consistent dedication. “There’s no word like ‘can’t’ only the need to acquire knowledge. You have the ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to,” says Kiya.

Embracing change leads to personal growth.

Throughout Kiya’s career at BlueScope Distribution, she has been exposed to a diverse range of personal and professional development opportunities that greatly contributed to her progression. These include engaging in various projects, secondments, transitioning to different roles, working with a variety of managers and participating in professional training and development courses.

“Each of these experiences played a significant role in my professional transformation, equipping me with valuable skills and knowledge, and empowering me to pursue future roles with confidence. Embracing change leads to personal growth and each role I’ve undertaken has been a personal accomplishment,” explains Kiya.

The most enjoyable aspects at BlueScope Distribution for Kiya are the continual learning, plethora of opportunities to acquire new knowledge and options to expand in any chosen direction.

We asked Kiya what helped her get to where she is today. “My sheer determination of being successful in a new country, along with being keen to give anything a go, lots of hard work and being consistent,” says Kiya.

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