Employee Journey: Donna Ringrow


Donna Ringrow
State Sales Manager SA/NT
BlueScope Distribution

With BlueScope Distribution, the sky’s the limit.

Donna Ringrow had one clear aspiration when she joined BlueScope Distribution. To learn as much as possible across all areas of the business and build her career.

Undoubtedly Donna has excelled, with her accession in just three short years from Branch Supervisor at Mount Isa BlueScope Distribution to Branch Manager to her recent well deserved promotion to the State Sales Manager SA/NT.

“My proudest professional achievement at BlueScope Distribution is being successful in my application for the State Sales Manager role,” Donna says “It was a huge step up for me and moving from regional into a metro branch is very different. Being kind to myself and allowing myself to learn and not know everything straight away has helped me transition to the new role.”

Reflecting on her career journey, Donna’s advice to her younger self would be “Believe in yourself, you can do it! The sky’s the limit!”

Look for supportive mentors who encourage you to pursue your goals.

Donna’s career trajectory was bolstered by tailored career development plans combined with unwavering support and guidance from exceptional mentors within the BlueScope Distribution senior leadership team.

“I credit my growth and am immensely grateful for the incredible mentors who supported me every step of the way. Their guidance has been pivotal and they still remain integral to my development. I know I can reach out anytime,” explains Donna. “I’m truly grateful for the invaluable mentorship, opportunities and support that have shaped my career journey at BlueScope Distribution.”

We asked Donna what she’s enjoyed most about her career at BlueScope Distribution. “Having the opportunity to diversify and lead a phenomenal team, all backed by supportive leaders. My network has expanded significantly, a testament to BlueScope Distribution fostering growth and opportunity,”
she says.

As for the future, Donna says “I will continue to embrace
personal and professional growth.”

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