Australian Steel Stories

Celebrating the Australian Steel Industry

A Classic Case of Australians Supporting Australians

This very special Australian Steel Story involves family-established businesses working together in close collaboration – to deliver high quality infrastructure for the local community.
The R2P Project will result in a 1.8 kilometre six-lane north-south motorway near Adelaide, with a new vehicular bridge over Regency Road and pedestrian and cyclist overpass near Pym Street. The project includes Australian steel produced by BlueScope, supplied by BlueScope Distribution, precision cut by Adelaide Profile Services, and 3D modelled, fabricated and delivered to site by specialist fabricators, Bowhill Engineering.

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BlueScope and Rheem – Manufacturing Long-term for Australia

From its humble beginnings manufacturing steel drums in 1936, Rheem Australia is an enduring manufacturing success story BlueScope Distribution has been proud to be a part of.
If you are looking for an example of a current Australian company with a long history of manufacturing for Australians, you need to look no further than the household name, Rheem. The company has long been renowned for the quality and reliability of its products. Rheem later became a leader in heat exchange technology, and it pioneered rooftop solar hot water in Australia.

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Zip Water

It is probably fair to say that everyone has heard of Zip Water. Aussies of all generations have experienced the convenience of the company’s iconic instant boiling water product. But some people may not be aware of the international success of this outstanding brand.

In the early days, Zip Water was the instant boiling water box mounted on the wall of factories and workshops around the country. Then it expanded to over-sink water heaters for canteens, restaurants and office kitchens.

Today, Zip Water’s flagship product is the HydroTap, which provides homes and workplaces instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water at the touch of a button. The HydroTap is known for its award-winning design appeal and is recognised as the world’s most advanced drinking water technology.

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