BlueScope Distribution offers an extensive selection of sheet and coil steel options that are either cold- and hot-rolled in Australia. These products are suitable for a wide range of applications from light-gauge material fabrication to heavy plate-feed coil steel applications.

Sheet and Coil Steel Products

Considered the benchmark for quality, product range, supply and delivery flexibility, as well as technical support, BlueScope Distribution’s sheet and coil steel products are designed for Australian conditions and tested to ensure they will perform in these conditions.

All products in the BlueScope Distribution sheet and coil steel range comply with the dimensional tolerances that are specified in the dual Australian/New Zealand standard AS/NZS 1365:1996 (most recently reconfirmed in 2016) Tolerances for flat-rolled steel products. Most cold-rolled products are manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 1595:2013 Cold-rolled, unalloyed, steel sheet and strip that specifies standards for both cut lengths of steel and coil. Hot-rolled products are manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 1594: 2002 (also reconfirmed in 2016) Hot-rolled steel flat products.

Any metallic coatings that are applied to sheet and coil steel products conform to the Australian standard AS 1397:2001 Steel sheet and strip – Hot-dipped zinc-coated or aluminium/zinc-coated. Steel that has been pre-painted with some type of coating conforms to AS/NZS 2728:2013 Prefinished/prepainted sheet metal products for interior/exterior building applications – Performance requirements. This standard classifies pre-painted and prefinished metal products (including steel) into six types according to durability, aesthetics, and performance in a variety of different environments, some a lot more severe and harsh than others.

More specifically, BlueScope Distribution can supply:

  • Cold Rolled Steel designed for specific manufacturing requirements and include:
    • Carbon and hardness products
    • Formable products
    • Structural products
    • Vitreous enamelling products
  • Hot Rolled Steel that has exceptionally good quality and consistency. Hot-rolled steel is suitable for:
    • Products used for analysis
    • Structural products
    • Products that can be formed
  • Metallic Coated Strip Products that have been factory-coated with one or more metals that will inhibit corrosion, or metal alloys applied using a continuous, hot-dip process. These products include BlueScope’s ZINCALUME®, GALVABOND®, and GALVASPAN®. Metallic coated products are rolled and sold according to their base metal thickness (BMT), which does not include the thickness of the coating.
  • Pre-Painted Strip Products that are available in the form of sheets and coil for a wide range of applications including roofing, walling, fencing, and rainwater products. Pre-painted steel is available in BlueScope’s COLORBOND® steel in colours that are resilient to the intense temperatures and sunlight that is so typical of Australian environments.

BlueScope Distribution can provide processing services for these products. To find out more about the processing services offered by BlueScope Distribution please contact your nearest branch.