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About Galvanised Steel

Galvanised steel is steel hot-dipped in a zinc coating solution. This coat provides additional protection against corrosion and surface scratches.

This type of steel is used in harsh conditions, including marine applications and construction environments where temperatures can reach up to 200 degrees celsius. The level of galvanisation is measured by ‘weight per surface area’ of the zinc.

This steel is highly versatile, as it is able to be punched, sheared, welded, and manipulated for a variety of purposes.


Why Choose Galvanised?

Galvanised steel is incredibly durable, especially in coastal environments. This type of steel is also recyclable. The durability of galvanised steel makes it a cost-effective long term solution.

Galvanised steel is commonly used in a variety of industries, particularly for marine applications given it’s durability.  It can often be found in the following:

  • Air-conditioning ducts and panels
  • Rendering mesh
  • Scaffolding
  • Meter boxes
  • Tube


Why Choose BlueScope Distribution?

  • BlueScope Distribution provides quality Australian steel and have more than 25 years of experience to assist in your steel requirements.