Women in Steel

Women in Steel aims to encourage women to increase their presence in the steel industry.

Women in Steel looks to provide a strong networking opportunity for women in celebration of our diversity of thought and to advocate for our business to remain proactive in attracting and retaining women in the steel industry. The steel industry is not just welcoming to women but needs their skills and the contribution they can make to our industry.

Open to everyone, regardless of gender or identity, this network was created by two female employees who saw an opportunity to better connect women in a male dominated industry. Since the formation of this network, the feedback has been positive on many fronts. People feel more included and feel more connected across our business. This networks gives our employees the opportunity to network, engage, develop and participate in a way that is meaningful to them.

The platform facilitates the exchange of information, ideas and solutions to help inspire, motivate, champion and empower women to reach their full potential.

Out of this network, BlueScope Distribution created its own Mentor Circles and Leader Circles programs. Everyone has the opportunity to participate as a mentor or a mentee (or both). As a result, we have men and women mentoring other men and women across our business utilising our own internal talent to do so.