Inclusion & Diversity

We create strength through our people.

At BlueScope Distribution, our aim is to create experiences and engagement that leads us to be an Employer of Choice. We want to attract, inspire and retain a diverse workforce that leverages our collective strengths and promotes belonging.

As a business, we always want to improve in every aspect and our inclusion and diversity journey is no different. We are still on our journey and have a way to go, but everyone is committed and dedicated to ensuring our employees represent the communities in which we operate.

First nations framework

We are committed to strengthening our communities for the future and are committed to changing and addressing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, to better represent the communities we live and work in. Currently 4% of BlueScope Distribution employees identify as Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander. We are continually seeking to increase this representation across BlueScope Distribution as well as increasing our engagement of indigenous organisations, currently including having a membership with Supply Nation.

Gender Diversity

Since July 2018, gender representation in all roles has increased from 19.6% to 29.2% (June 2021) and gender representation in operations roles has increased from 2.5% to 11.5% (June 2021). This has been a huge improvement for BlueScope Distribution over the last 3 years.

Our journey is as follows:

Female representation in all roles

Female representation in operator roles

In BlueScope Distribution, we review our gender representation targets each year to help keep us on track and reinforce what we are striving for. For FY22 our targets are:

  • 33% representation of females in all roles
  • 16% representation of females in operational roles

In order to help us achieve these targets we have a mandate to achieve 50/50 gender representation during our recruitment and selection processes. This ensures we have an equitable pool representing the best talent for our leaders to select from.

Our leaders across BlueScope Distribution are committed to these targets and are continuously driving initiatives to help us get there sooner. Without the dedication and commitment of our leader’s, our inclusion and diversity strategy would not be achievable.

Generational and tenure

At BlueScope Distribution we have a mix of long serving and newer employees. Around 46% of our employees have been with BlueScope Distribution for 5 years or less, while 54% of our employees have been with BlueScope Distribution for more than 5 years. We are constantly striving to improve our representation in different generations.

The breakdown is below:

Employee tenure (years)

Generational data