Steel and aluminium are widely used in the automobile industry, which is one of the biggest metal product consumers in the world.

The automotive sector is the second largest steel consumer, accounting for 16% of global steel consumption compared to the construction sector which accounts for around half of global steel consumption.

Automotive companies typically use a range of steel materials for auto sheets and engine parts, however the use of aluminium in the sector is slowly growing. Despite the rising popularity of aluminium, it is unlikely to substitute steel completely in the automotive industry as using aluminium increases the vehicle’s manufacturing costs and is less environmentally friendly in production than steel.

BlueScope produces a comprehensive range of hot rolled, cold rolled and metallic coated products designed specifically for the Automotive Industry.

BlueScope Distribution sources the following Automotive Steel products from BlueScope:

  1. Automotive Hot Rolled – Hot Rolled steel grades commonly used in the automotive industry.
    • AS/NZS 1594 – HA3 steel – Formable, suitable for medium drawing and heavy pressing.
    • AS/NZS 1594 – HA4N-P steel – Non-ageing, extra deep drawing steel
    • XTRAFORM® 300 steel – Guaranteed strength, extra formable steel
    • XTRAFORM® 400 steel – Guaranteed strength, extra formable steel
    • XTRAFORM® 500 Steel – Guaranteed strength, extra formable steel
  2. Automotive Cold Rolled – Cold Rolled Steel grades commonly used in the automotive industry.
    • CA180S-G® Steel – Skin passed deep drawing steel, non-ageing Cold Rolled Steel grades commonly used in the automotive Industry.
    • CA220S-G Steel – Non-ageing, guaranteed strength steel
    • CA3SN-G Steel – Skin-passed deep drawing steel, non-ageing
    • CA4A-G Steel – Extra deep drawing steel
    • CA5SN-E Steel – Skin-passed, non-ageing steel
    • CM350-G Steel – Guaranteed strength, formable steel
  3. Automotive Metallic Coated – Metallic Coated Steel grades commonly used in the automotive industry.
    • GALVABOND® G2, G2S Steel – Galvanized steel for general manufacturing
    • GALVABOND® G3N, G3NS steel – Galvanized, non ageing, deep drawing steel
    • GALVALUME® G2N, G2NS steel – Non-ageing, deep drawing zinc/aluminium coated steel
    • GALVALUME® G300, G300S Steel – Guaranteed strength, ductile zinc/aluminium alloy coated steel
    • ZINCANNEAL® G2S steel – Zinc-iron coated, improved surface, paintable steel
    • ZINCANNEAL® G3NS, G3NS-E Steel – Zinc-iron coated, non-ageing, paintable steel

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