My Story: Melissa Cassar

Melissa Cassar
Despatch Coordinator
BlueScope Distribution

A growth mindset really makes a difference

Melissa began at BlueScope Distribution in September 2019 and already she has had an interesting career.

Initially, she was selected for a job in Operations and in the first two years she has learnt three different roles and has left her stamp wherever she’s been. And she has gained lots of valuable experience.

In Operations she looked after Ordering and Accounts Payable. Then she was trained to cover Dispatch. Now she also does lots of Project Management work with her Operations Manager.

From the word go, Melissa just wanted to do better. Her personal approach is all about self-improvement and making the most of whatever opportunities arise. She was happy to learn the business from the ground up and she got involved in everything that was open to her.

If you are keen to learn you’ll have many opportunities to choose from

Melissa believes very strongly that when we have a growth mindset, opportunities come flooding in. You just have to be open and ready to have a go.

When she joined the company, her aspirations were to start from scratch and then, when the time seemed to be right, move into an office-based position. Of course, she also believes that once you are in a position you need to focus on learning as much as you can from your colleagues and managers and to work on areas that you may not have had a lot of exposure in before.

“Fortunately, I have a really supportive Operations Manager who has given me the opportunity to grow and develop my skills,” says Melissa. “He takes the time to explain things to me where I am not sure or confident about a particular task.”

We asked Melissa to give us her opinion of BlueScope Distribution after her two years of experience. “BlueScope Distribution is my employer of choice today because of the opportunities I have been given in a short amount of time. My leadership team members have seen what I am capable of, and they are supporting me within my position.”

“I very much enjoy working with the guys in the Operations office. My official title is Despatch Coordinator and I provide operational support for the team. I look after purchasing for the site, asist the R&M Coordinator with ordering and administration tasks, and complete some project management work around the site. We have a laugh but at the same time we make sure we get the job done.”

“It is very clear to me that at BlueScope I am being encouraged to invest in myself and my own future. There are new and exciting opportunities ahead for career development, growth and a range of different pathways.”

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