My Story: Krystal Storey

Krystal Storey
Branch Manager Albury BlueScope Distribution

You can begin at one level, but there is no telling what that might lead to

Krystal Storey began with BlueScope Distribution in 2013 as a Key Account Manager. Her aim back then, or maybe her dream, was to become a sales manager or location manager with responsibility for making sure a business segment worked successfully. Today, Krystal is the Branch Manager at Albury (NSW) which is one of the largest regional sites in the country.

Her time with BlueScope has obviously been a hugely positive experience in an industrial setting traditionally dominated by men. She now manages a diverse team across sales and operations and is taking a lead role in an exciting expansion plan to equip the Albury site with processing capabilities.

On the way through, Krystal has had a range of challenging roles. Her initial Key Account Manager role lasted some three years. Then she moved on to a Market Development Manager position for two years, and then she had one year as a Business Development Manager.

As Krystal looks back over her BlueScope time, she explains, “All the way through, I have been offered different projects or targets to keep me motivated and I have been able to take on more responsibly to allow me to mature in the business.”

Opportunities for career progression have been all-important

Krystal was the first female engaged at her site who was in external sales. And looking back she can see that the business has made a concentrated effort to welcome a diverse workforce in all roles over the past eight years.

For Krystal, career progression for a woman in an industrial environment is critically important. “At BlueScope I have found an inclusive work environment with many opportunities for career progression across different disciplines.”

The career progression for Krystal has been very rewarding all the way through. “When I joined BlueScope, I did not know this is what I would find in an industrial company that had such a rich record of success.”

“For my long-term career progression, one of the best parts of what the company has offered me has been the vast array of training and personal development opportunities. I have been able to be a part of many different project teams and professional development platforms. These have included a “Leadership Essentials” training program and an “Acceleration P&L” program.

So what’s ahead for Krystal? “I am putting all my energy in to leading the Albury Branch as we enter an exciting new phase of being a successful processing business. But in a big industrial entity like BlueScope, unexpected opportunities come up and you just have to be open to what might come your way.”

“You don’t need to move to another company to have exciting opportunities come your way.”

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