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Aluminium Perth

As the world’s most abundant metal, aluminium is often used in building, construction, and infrastructure projects. The naturally occuring material offers superior strength despite its low density. Its ability to resist corrosion is also one the reasons why builders choose this material for any type of small to large scale projects. When it comes to aluminium sources, BlueScope Distribution is a great choice for customers in Perth who are looking for a supply partner. From quality materials to post-sales service and more, clients will find a one-of-a-kind project partner in BlueScope Distribution.

Why Aluminium is the Choice for Many Industries in Perth

Aluminium is the choice for builders in Perth because it is a type of metal that is easy to mill, drill, cut, punch, bend, weld and bond. Its low weight makes it easily transportable, while its high strength levels offer extreme reliability. Its thermal performance is exemplary when it comes to building and manufacturing applications. Its design flexibility enables aluminium to offer a range of possibilities from concept to execution. At BlueScope Distribution, we have the unique capability to supply aluminium applicable for small to large scale projects. Our groundbreaking 3D printing technology enables us to cut a new aluminium extrusion die using your drawing, creating a model for customers to save time and money in the process of casting dies. With this technology, we are able to eliminate errors and ensure the product is fit for purpose.

Why BlueScope Distribution is Your Choice for Aluminium in Perth

BlueScope Distribution should be the choice of aluminium customers in Perth, as we provide a comprehensive selection of aluminium products for application in a number of sectors. Our aluminium selection includes sheet and coil products, plate, treadplate, both geometric and customer-exclusive extrusions, and of course, standard aluminium products. At BlueScope Distribution Perth, our customers can choose from a number of aluminium alloys for small to large scale projects. We offer several Alloys from the 6000 range, which have medium to high strength and are great for applications in the transport and architectural sectors. We also offer the range of 5000 Alloys, which have applications in architecture, marine, transport, and even food processing.

Aside from aluminium sheet, plate and treadplate, BlueScope Distribution also offers an array of geometric and exclusive extrusion shapes in a variety of alloy and temper combinations and coloured finishes. BlueScope Distribution is equipped with a fully integrated nesting-based manufacturing software that increases precision with every cut and eliminates waste. Our unique router cutting provides a clean, high definition edge so you need less post-cut finishing, therefore saving you time and money. We offer profile cutting shapes, bevelled edges, drilling and tapping, optional cut width and depth, and product etching and labelling. This puts us in the unique position to cater to a wider array of project requirements.

Our Product Range

Our Aluminium Product Range

Our Aluminium range of products are perfectly placed to help add value to your business and our people are local and understand the challenges faced by Australian manufacturers.

Available in the following alloys and tempers (grades) that relate to strength and formability of the products:

Aluminium Rolled Products:

  • 5005–General applications requiring simple formwork
  • 5052–Marine and general applications
  • 5083–Marine and structural applications
  • 5383–Marine applications, DNV certification

Aluminium Extruded Products:

  • 6060 T5–Geometric, architectural & general applications of low strength
  • 6005 T5–Structural and marine applications of mid-high strength
  • 6082 T6- Structural and marine applications of high strength, DNV certification


We have a wide range of aluminium products to suit many applications:

  • Aluminium Sheet (0.60 –6mm)
  • Aluminium Plate (5mm and up)
  • Aluminium Tread Plate Propeller MB
  • Aluminium Tread Plate 5 bar MF
  • Aluminium Coil
  • Aluminium Mesh
  • Aluminium Flat Bar
  • Aluminium Round Bar
  • Aluminium Angle
  • Aluminium Channel
  • Aluminium Hollow Square
  • Aluminium Rectangular Hollow Section
  • Aluminium Hollow Circular
  • Aluminium Tee Bar
  • Non-Standard Aluminium Extrusion
  • Aluminium Exclusive Extrusion 


Aluminium Channel   

  • Cool Room Section
  • Marine Section
  • Moulding
  • Lourve
  • Transport Section
  • Signage Section
  • Balustrading
  • Screening
  • Fencing
  • I Beam
  • Annexe
  • Edging
  • Tophat



  • Mill Finish
  • Mill Bright
  • Polyurethane Coating
  • Paper Interleaved
  • Transport Section
  • Polished
  • Linished
About BlueScope Distribution

BlueScope Distribution is a renowned name in aluminium supplies and Australian-made steel products. At BlueScope Distribution, we provide quality steel and aluminium products, pairing our products with exceptional customer service and relationship management that clients won’t find anywhere else. With our value-added distribution, project management, estimating, low-cost operations and strong brands, we are able to deliver a unique value proposition that earns our client’s trust and creates lasting relationships. We are committed to working closely with our clients to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes that ensure your business success. To go the extra mile for our customers in Perth, we can investigate and produce specially designed steel grades outside our standard range and offer a number of third party certification options. We also ensure that test certificates are available and comply with the necessary standards. BlueScope Distribution holds ISO 9001 Quality Management System Accreditation, evidence of a great commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Value Proposition

BlueScope Distribution’ Unique Value Proposition

BlueScope Distribution’ unrivaled value proposition for aluminium Perth customers is four pronged: with quality assurance, multiple precision processing, stock management programs, and local support at the heart of every client contract. Our quality accredited products comply with Australian standards in accordance with AS/NZS 1866:1997 and AS/NZS 1734:1997 to ensure our customers’ peace of mind. We go the extra mile by providing processed products and parts, from shearing, slitting and re-coiling to complex and precise router cutting so clients cut down on time and costs. We also offer our expertise in stock management, supply chain efficiency, and inventory optimisation programs because we want to help your business meet deadlines and avoid costly delays. Lastly, we work closely with our customers to help further promote their products and services into new and existing segments to create mutually beneficial outcomes. To learn more about how BlueScope Distribution Perth can help your business through our wide array of aluminium products and comprehensive customer service, contact us today.

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