Pre-painted Strip


Pre-Painted Strip Steel

BlueScope Distribution produces superior pre-painted strip steel products that are supplied in a wide range of colours for use in walling, roofing, fencing, and a variety of other aesthetic applications in the construction industry.

Since 1966, these products have been supplied in the form of COLORBOND® steel, a product that is guaranteed to meet not only Australia’s environmental needs, but also all the relevant standards that apply to Australian steel products.

COLORBOND® Pre-Painted Strip Products

COLORBOND® products are suitable for a wide range of uses including:

  • Roofing
  • Guttering and facias
  • Garage doors
  • Walling
  • Fencing
  • Sheds
  • Patios and pergolas
  • Rain tanks

About COLORBOND® Pre-Painted Strip

Made with a ZINCALUME® steel base (also manufactured by BlueScope Steel), COLORBOND® steel is given an outstanding aluminium/zinc/magnesium alloy coating prior to painting that makes it highly anti-corrosive. This utilises Super Polyester coating technology that ensures the “painted” finish will retain its “as new” appearance for a very long time.

The ZINCALUME® steel itself has a metallic coating that incorporates Activate® technology applied to the surface to provide maximum corrosion resistance. A thin pre-treatment layer is then applied to improve adhesion of additional coatings. Then a polyester primer that also inhibits corrosion is baked onto the surface. The final topcoat is a specially developed exterior-grade paint that is also baked onto the surface, ensuring maximum resistance to peeling, chipping, cracking, blistering and flaking.

COLORBOND® is manufactured in Australia in accordance with Australian standards, AS 1397: 2011 Continuous hot-dip metallic coated steel sheet and strip – Coatings of zinc and zinc alloyed with aluminium and magnesium and AS/NZ 2728: 2013 Prefinished/prepainted sheet metal products for interior/exterior building applications – Performance requirements.

In addition, the product has been tested in Australian conditions, for more than five decades, in outdoor sites and in accelerated tests in the laboratory. Conditions include extreme heat and cold as well as dust, wind, rain, and hail. Simulated environments range from both moderate and severe marine environments to industrial locations. Actual building applications are also recreated, including profiles and varying pitches, so there is a genuine understanding of how the material will perform when used for construction.


So you thought you had to paint the steel elements in your home to ensure they will live up to the fashionable elements of trendy colour schemes? Well, you can if you wish, but if you start out with COLORBOND® steel, you’ll be able to choose pre-painted strip products in a wide range of colours that will meet even the most discerning colour-orientated needs.

Recognising what consumers are looking for, COLORBOND® has developed a colour range based on style that is:

  • Contemporary
  • Classic
  • Suitable for fencing
  • Has an ultra effect
  • Matt in finish

Within each range there are colours that are bold, subtle, light, dark, warm, and cool.

Contemporary COLORBOND® pre-painted strip incorporates 14 colours that mirror the hues of nature in Australia, particularly greys, diluted shades of brown, and hues that look as if they were quite literally wiped off slate.

Classic COLORBOND® pre-painted strip colours are bolder than those in the contemporary range and are limited to just eight colours. But these are beautifully distinctive and also relatively dark, ranging from Classic Cream™ (a kind of coffee cream), to Cottage Green®, Pale Eucalypt® (a lighter green), Manor Red® (which is more like a wine red), a deep-hued Deep Ocean® colour, and Night Sky® (which is almost black).

Fencing colours are similar to those featured in the Contemporary pre-painted strip range, and there are also 14 in all. But although similar, a few of the colours in the two ranges are in fact different. For instance, there is a dark earthy brown, Terrain®, in the Contemporary colours and two greens, Pale Eucalypt® and Wilderness®, and a dark Woodland Grey® in the Fencing range.

Matt ranges from creamy Surfmist® to a dark charcoal called Monument™. The three other colours in this group are all shades of grey, including Dune®.

Ultra colours are similar to the Matt colours and include the three named above as well as another three more shades of grey.

The Benefits of Choosing COLORBOND® Pre-Painted Strip

The colour of your roof can affect your internal environment more than you might imagine. But COLORBOND® goes a step further because every standard colour (see above), except the almost black Night Sky®, features BlueScope’s solar reflectance technology, Thermatech® which is designed to reflect heat from the sun. Not only does this make a COLORBOND® roof energy efficient, meaning you have to rely less on air-conditioning indoors, but it also reduces the stress heat puts on the roof.

In addition, there are five light colours in the COLORBOND® range that are solar reflective and qualify under the Green Star Communities tool.

COLORBOND® steel is also resilient and highly durable. It is light in weight which makes both transportation and construction easier. But it is equally strong and will withstand strong winds and stormy weather conditions. Furthermore, COLORBOND® steel is 100 per cent recyclable and it also contains recycled material.

Another advantage is that COLORBOND® steel products, specifically walling, roofing, gutters, and downpipes, are compliant for use in bushfire zones, even the most extreme Bushfire Attack Level – Flame Zone where there are extremely high risks associated with burning embers and debris. Steel fencing products have been found to offer greater protection than other materials because they are non-combustible. In fact, research carried out by CSIRO has found that COLORBOND® pre-painted and metallic coated sheet steel performed extremely well when exposed to simulated effects of an adjacent house fire.

The material is easy to maintain simply by washing regularly with clean water, although this isn’t usually necessary with roofing as rainwater cleans it naturally. Partially hidden areas like the underside of eave gutters, wall cladding under eaves, and the tops of garage doors should be hosed at least every six months. In industrial environments or in coastal areas where there is a prevalence of salty sea spray, this should be done more frequently. It is also important to avoid a build-up of soil or any other debris against COLORBOND® steel products.

COLORBOND® is not the only painted steel product available on the Australian market, so if you are looking for pre-painted strip, make sure it’s COLORBOND® manufactured by BlueScope Steel and supplied by BlueScope Distribution. The product is much more than painted steel and BlueScope guarantees its quality and certifies compliance with the relevant standards.