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When it comes to steel supplies, BlueScope Distribution Esperance is the top of mind provider in the local marketplace. Our value proposition is unparalleled, as it is based on the foundation of exceptional customer service and relationship management, value-added distribution, project management, low-cost operations and strong brands. Our agile teams are committed to working with your business to uncover mutually beneficial results that complement our product and service offer. Our flexibility allows us to quickly and adeptly respond to your needs and facilitate any adjustments to meet your business requirements so you never miss any critical deadlines.

As part of the BlueScope family, our Esperance steel suppliers produce the same high quality custom steel grades outside our standard range. We can also provide a number of third party certification options and non-standard test requirements.

BlueScope Esperance Capabilities and Accreditations

At BlueScope Esperance, we don’t just deliver quality products, we deliver meaningful results. Our services also encompass high quality processing capabilities, which include plasma cutting, shearing, slitting and re-coiling to complex and precise router cutting*. To ensure the highest quality at all times, BlueScope Distribution Esperance ensures the availability of test certificates for all our steel supplies. We make sure that they comply with the necessary standards, including Australian Standards. We proudly hold ISO 9001 Quality Management System Accreditation.

BlueScope Esperance Industries

Our company is the go-to provider by several businesses from various sectors in the local area. These include:

  • Building: To ensure that buildings and structures are deemed safe for public use, businesses in the building industry must be discerning in sourcing materials. That’s why they come to us for their non-residential, residential and infrastructure building developments. We understand that trusted materials are vital to the success and safety of every project, which is why we provide sheet and coil products like COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel, as well as plate products, such as XLERPLATE® steel. All of which pass the necessary industry standards for quality.
  • Construction: BlueScope Distribution goes above and beyond expectations when working with businesses in the construction sector that demand a wide range of steel materials in a timely manner. Aside from providing sheet, coil, and plate products, we also provide tube steel, steel bar and merchant bar, structural steel, and reinforcing steel products. Moreover, we also assist in stock-holdings for urgent materials and coordinating supply to large future building projects.
  • Engineering: BlueScope Distribution’s value proposition for the engineering industry is three-pronged—product quality, product tolerances, and reliability of supply. We work closely with engineering businesses and analyse their production and processing lines to identify cost and time savings, remove bottlenecks, and make incremental changes that result to actual profit improvements. We provide plate, sheet, and coil products, as well as flat steel products, tube, bar, structural and reinforcing products.
  • Manufacturing: Businesses in the manufacturing sector are often involved in repetitive component work, general engineering, duct work, steel furniture, machinery, sheet metal work and electric components. At BlueScope Distribution, we work closely with our manufacturing customers to aid them in identifying cost and time savings, decreasing bottlenecks, and making impactful changes that result to profit improvements. Our value proposition for manufacturing companies is three pronged: product quality, product tolerances, and reliability of supply.
  • Mining, Oil & Gas: BlueScope Distribution understands that our clients in the mining, oil, and gas industries are often under critical pressure to deliver. That’s why we provide a single point of contact in our contract managers, and a one-stop shop for our clients to streamline processes between ourselves and the businesses we serve. Our people are one of our key strengths and our teams become a resource for technical information, project coordination, and a supply partner for our clients.
  • Transport: Businesses in the transport sector have streamlined processes that do not allow delays that result in added cost. We understand their unique need for supplies that are delivered on time and have high quality. We work closely with businesses in the transport sector to provide a range of hot rolled, cold rolled and metallic coated products designed specifically for the automotive industry. Our cutting-edge processing services, combined with our quality products, make for a great value proposition that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.
  • Farming: BlueScope Distribution is not limited to providing urban clients with their steel needs. We also cater to our rural customers’ needs through our extensive national network. Through these outlets, we are able to provide a range of stock handling equipment, rural fencing products, tube and plate, downgrade material and mesh, as well as cattle crushes, yards, gates, ramps, and calf cradles. Each of our products are crafted from high quality steel and are specifically designed with user safety in mind.

Value Added Services from BlueScope Esperance

BlueScope Distribution Esperance never settles for average. We always go the extra mile for our customers, providing them with value added services that not only strengthen the customer-client relationship, but also yield meaningful results. Such value added services include:

  • Steel Efficiency Review®: The Steel Efficiency Review® is a first in the industry. It is a thorough study of our customers’ business and steel processing flow, allowing us access to important insights so we can identify areas of waste and efficiency improvements for their steel use. This free-of-charge service contributes to better streamlined processes for our clients.
  • Processing Services: BlueScope also specialises in CNC Profiling, CNC Router Cutting, Drilling, Coping and Notching, Sawing, Guillotining, Shearing, Slitting, Blanking, Roll and Cut Grooving and Coil Plate Processing*.
  • Export Services: Our Exports business unit services international customers in locations such as the South Pacific and Pacific Rim, South East Asia, China and Sri Lanka. This division caters to the mining, heavy engineering, transport industry, and piping industries in these countries.

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*Disclaimer: Get in contact with your local branch about processing as it may vary.

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