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BlueScope Distribution Ballarat is a leading provider of steel and aluminum products in the local marketplace. We are committed to working closely with customers to uncover mutually beneficial outcomes that complement our product and service offer. Our value proposition is based on six tenets: customer service and relationship management, value-added distribution, project management, estimating, low-cost operations, and strong brands. Our team of skilled professionals are always ready to respond to your needs in a timely manner and can facilitate adjustments to meet your business requirements, including altering schedules and delivery changes for you to meet your critical deadlines.

As part of the BlueScope group of companies, our Ballarat steel suppliers are able to manufacture custom steel grades outside our standard range and offer a variety of high quality processing services. We also provide several third-party certification options and non-standard test requirements.

BlueScope Ballarat Capabilities and Accreditations

BlueScope Distribution Ballarat is the leader in providing quality processing capabilities and services, including plasma cutting, shearing, slitting and re-coiling to complex and precise router cutting*. To ensure that we produce only the highest quality steel, BlueScope Distribution Ballarat provides certificates for all steel supplies and guarantee that they comply with the necessary industry standards, including Australian Standards. BlueScope Distribution Ballarat is a proud holder of ISO 9001 Quality Management System Accreditation.

BlueScope Ballarat Industries

BlueScope’s Ballarat branch provides steel products to several industries in the area, which include:

  • Engineering: The demand for a variety of steel materials in the engineering industry is high and ever-changing. Meeting such demands is critical for our customers, as the timely delivery of their projects is dependent on it. That’s why we provide trusted sheet and coil products such as COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel, and plate products, such as XLERPLATE® steel, all of which are up to relevant Australian Standards and are designed for Australian conditions. Going above and beyond expectations, we also take a closer look at our customers’ production and processing lines to identify areas of improvement in terms of cost and time. This helps us make changes that translates into profit improvements for our clients in the engineering sector.
  • Building: Whether it’s industrial, residential or infrastructure building developments, businesses in the building sector need access to trusted sheet and coil steel products in a timely manner. Products such as COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel, and plate products, such as XLERPLATE® steel are vital to the completion of large building developments. We ensure the proper, timely delivery of flat steel products, tube, bar, structural and reinforcing products required of building projects.
  • Construction: The construction sector is a rapidly paced industry that needs constant access to reliable products such as sheet and coil products. Our COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel, and plate products, such as XLERPLATE® steel meet Australian Standards and are just among the many construction products we provide, such as tube steel, steel bar and merchant bar, structural steel, and reinforcing steel products.
  • Manufacturing: BlueScope Ballarat caters to businesses in the manufacturing industry, which often produce repetitive component work, general engineering, duct work, steel furniture, machinery, sheet metal work and electric components. Our talented teams work closely with our manufacturing clients and serve as a valuable resource for technical information, project coordination, and a supply partner, to guarantee that projects are completed on time and on budget.
  • Mining, Oil, and Gas: We have extensive experience working with companies in the mining, oil, and gas industries, giving us insights on how they operate and the requirements they need to maintain a high level of efficiency. We work together with these companies to reduce the pressures on contract managers, providing a one-stop shop for steel supply and a single point of contact for our customers.
  • Transport: Our goal with our clients in the transport industry is to ensure accurate delivery of product and to ensure that production processes are not interrupted by delays. Our working partnership with our automotive and transport customers is built on trust and expertise, allowing us access to insights on business processes. Each product manufactured in our Ballarat location is certified to TS16949 LRQA quality standards and is aligned to the fundamentals of Continuous Improvement and LEAN Principles.
  • Farming: BlueScope Distribution Ballarat provides businesses in the farming industry with a full range of products to meet their on-farm maintenance and improvement requirements. From stock handling equipment to rural fencing products, and tube and plate to downgrade material and mesh, we supply a range of farming products. These products are manufactured from quality steel and designed for user safety.

Value Added Services from BlueScope Ballarat

At BlueScope Distribution, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond customer expectations. Our teams work closely with your business to provide valuable resources, technical information, and project coordination services. Aside from being your supplier, we are also your partner in ensuring your projects are completed on time and within budgets.

We provide the additional services, which sets us apart from any other Ballarat providers:

  • Steel Efficiency Review®: The Steel Efficiency Review® is a comprehensive study of our customers’ business and steel processing flow, providing us valuable insight on how to address issues of waste and efficiency improvements for their steel use. This is a cost-free complimentary service for our customers.
  • Processing Services: BlueScope Distribution also specialises in processing services such as CNC Profiling, CNC Router Cutting, Drilling, Coping and Notching, Sawing, Guillotining, Shearing, Slitting, Blanking, Roll and Cut Grooving and Coil Plate Processing.*
  • Export Services: We have an in-house Exports business unit that is tasked to supply and service international customers. Our team currently exports BlueScope Distribution products to locations in South Pacific and Pacific Rim, South East Asia, China and Sri Lanka. This division specialises in supplying steel products to the mining, heavy engineering, transport industry, and piping industries in these countries.

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*Disclaimer: get in contact with your local branch about processing as it may vary.

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